August 15, 2018

Ayurveda Research & Health Center

Founded by Lady Sarwat Abed and Zahida Ispahani, Ayurveda Research & Health Center (ARHC), is the first ever authentic Ayurveda Panchkarma centre in Bangladesh. Initiated back in 2014, ARHC is situated at Banani, Road 23. The research centre concentrates on pain, and weight management and beauty-related issues as well as hosts relaxation and rejuvenation programmes, especially designed to suit individual needs. Ayurvedic treatments revolve around two methods, Shodhanam (Detoxification) and Shamanam (Pacification). At ARHC, detoxification is done with the help of Kerala Panchkarma, and herbal supplements are used for pacification. With two doctors and a team of about 12 fully-trained therapists, ARHC consists of nine treatment rooms equipped with specially designed Panchkarma massage tables and a yoga room, capable of carrying out all sorts of Ayurvedic treatments. Upon their first visit, one gets a free consultation to discuss their problems with a doctor. Then a custom-designed plan is made to suit one's specific needs. From everyday issues such as skin problems, hair problems, and sleep disorders, to more severe issues like diabetes, fertility problems, mental illness and kidney problems, ARHC has herbal remedies for them all. Treatments for pain relief include local oil retention therapy, hot poultices, lemon massage, egg massage, rice massage, and even enema therapy. A combination of diet plans, herbal massages, and detox programmes are used to tackle stress or handle weight related issues. Furthermore, ARHC has a variety of beauty treatments consisting of scrubs, polishes, and facials. What makes these beauty treatments so unique is because there are no artificial chemicals, and instead rely on the use of natural herbs, fruits and vegetables. Starting from Tk 2,500 all the way up to Tk 7,000, these beauty treatments are designed to relax the body. There also have bridal packages that give individuals a beautiful rejuvenating look for the big day, leaving their skin glowing and fresh. The centre also has a shop from which customers can buy herbal products manufactured by ARHC. For Ramadan, there is a flat 15 percent discount on beauty services and 20 percent discount on treatment packages. So what are you waiting for? Address: House No 88, Road No 23, Block A, Banani