August 15, 2018


I wouldn't know too much about the celebrity cultures outside of India, but I do know that as an Indian audience, we worship our heroes and heroines. We’ve usually put them up on a pedestal where they can claim to have done no wrong, and some of the “greats” or legendary actors are considered off-limits for criticism because of their seniority. Not anymore. And not for a while, now. Because, as I’ve stated once before, in the day and age of social media, there’s always someone watching. And if you’re doing something less than appreciable or admirable, you will likely be called out by people who recognise a toxic culture that needs to stop.At this point, that celebrity under the scanner is Rishi Kapoor. He’s a respected senior actor and no one is questioning his talent. But there is a grave question to be addressed when it comes to his behaviour on social media. And let aside the tweets or the “banter” he seems to deal in. This is about the fact that he has been abusing other Twitter users in their direct messages or DMs. And where does the abuse stem from? Simply from the need to retaliate every time someone criticises the industry or his views. Or so much as questions them.How did this come to light? A twitter user by the handle @ladywithflaws tweeted screenshots of the instance. First — she shared her tweet about the Sanjay Dutt biopic Sanju, starring Rishi Kapoor’s son Ranbir Kapoor, and its trailer. She didn’t appreciate the trailer, or the possible messaging of the film, as it came across to her. And second — we see Rishi Kapoor say this to her: From his perspective, it can be seen as a move to protect his son’s film from being misinterpreted, if at all. But from the objective perspective of someone who wasn’t involved, it makes no sense for Rishi Kapoor to be this caustic in someone’s private message inbox and abuse them for having a counter-view.