Barkley: Manziel ‘too immature’ to hoop fame

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Is Johnny Manziel too juvenile for fame? (Instagram/@JManziel2) Is Johnny Manziel too juvenile for fame? (Instagram/@JManziel2)

Johnny Manziel needs to start avoiding cameras, including a one on a behind of his possess dungeon phone. At least’s that a recommendation from Charles Barkley.

The former NBA actor pronounced on Wednesday that Manziel is too juvenile to hoop celebrity and that a Browns quarterback needs to stop it with a selfies.

“You should never take selfies of yourself doing anything that can be deliberate stupid,” Barkley told a Bull and Fox Show on WKRK-FM in Cleveland. “And that’s substantially a usually problem we have with Johnny Manziel. Most of his cinema are selfies, and that tells me he’s usually too juvenile to hoop this celebrity thing right now.”

Barkley also echoed comments done during a NFL rookie conference by Cris Carter. At that event, Carter let a rookies know that ‘Everybody is TMZ.’ Barkley pronounced he doesn’t let friends take cinema of him and Manziel should do a same.

“I consider he has to be careful. Johnny has to understand, everybody has a dungeon phone,” Barkley said. “You have to be clever when you’re out in public. The usually problem we have with Johnny Manziel is him and his friends are always holding pictures… Somebody competence get [a design of me], though it won’t be one of my friends. we don’t concede my friends to take cinema when they’re with me.”

If you’ve mislaid lane of what Manziel’s offseason has been like, here’s a brief reminder: Johnny Football went to Las Vegas over Memorial Day weekend, afterwards was behind there for a Fourth of July. That Fourth of Jul vacation also enclosed a stop in Austin, Texas, where he was held in a unsafe position in a bar bathroom.

Manziel has also been photographed roving an inflatable swan, unresolved out with Justin Bieber and holding a selfie with RG3. He’s also in a design with Bieber’s ex-girlfriend in Houston.

What does all of this mean? For Barkley, it means Manziel needs to equivocate flattering most everyone. “[Manziel's] got to watch himself since everybody is out to get you,” Barkley said. “Every blockhead has a cellphone.”

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