10 modern domestic poets about which

Olga Sedakova – one of the brightest representatives of unnecessary poetry. In the Soviet times, its work was practically not printed, not counting publications in foreign prohibited publications. To date, they saw the light of more than 30 books of the writer: Collections of prose, poems and journalists.

Sedakova – a sign figure for a poetic circle: she and a philosopher, and an essayist, and a translator. Olga skillfully works with serious religious themes and enters into a dialogue with all world literature.

Dwarf pines, dusty willow?

not long go to the shore –

what happened,

We are all here today, and tomorrow – who will say?

2. Elena Fanailova

The poetic voice of Elena Fanailovoy is very recognizable – in it so much inner strength and power that it is not confused with others. Original author’s intonations are present in any texts, as it would be written: about love, life, death or time.

Fanailova – the author is not indifferent. The poetess carefully follows what is happening in the world, and comprehends what is happening in verses. Separate attention deserves the poetic cycle "Troy VS Lisuity", dedicated to our-Ukrainian events.

… do not serve anyone, do not listen to anyone,

Even if you are called in my husband.

How the brain explodes – they know the insens

Shot from the gun

Do not ask, do not be afraid,

Continuing the classic, do not believe.

And even more so – do not be surprised,

When after that point to the door. –

Come, do not be shy.

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3. Dmitry Bykov

Writer, poet and journalist Dmitry Bykov does not need a submission – His name is always on hearing. His caustic epigrams often disagree on social networks, forcing people to be nervous in power. But it is impossible to reduce the poetry of Bykov exclusively to the civil lyrics, these poems are always different: how the cold water is eared, then as a farewell kiss.

Really really to the prose of summer

Begin to clone, running?

Really really life live

And now another will approach?

I am writing like in the desert. My circle has powdered.

Nobody read and do not need.

For poetry now, the limit is indicated:

Meditation in the genre of decay.

4. Lida Yusupov

Lida Yusupova creates documentary poetry, makes literature. Her books – Dead Dad and "Sentences" – terrible stories, exposing the injustice of the judicial system and the cruelty of people daily committing crimes.

Works of yusupova – this is a tribute to all victims of violence, killed and crippled. Her texts are built at Found Poetry: The author takes words from real court cases and turns them into a terrible poetic story.

June 24, 1996 Julia disappeared in the city of Nevinnomyssk
went to the disco with two girls and did not return
And Masha Sigova is silent
They were together
Nadia so many years has passed
It’s time to tell Masha
she should know everything
At least mother regretted
yes Valya could tell
But she will never tell
I understood that
thanks for the support

5. Alexey Salnikov

Writer, the author of Bestseller "Petrov in Flu and around him", Alexey Salnikov creates amazing poems: lyrical, gentle, figurative. The mythological space of its poetry seems to have no analogues. And if poetry is a drug, as the writer assumed in his novel "Indirectly", then the glands can take everything from life.

From the rain rose forests,

Leaving only noise and blanks,

And smoke water goes, and from the porch

Water is visible on the linen rope.

And affectionate, on a quarter or a third

Himself lips on milk and smoke,

Landscape leaves, leaving herself

Portrait devastated.

6. Maria Stepanova

Maria Stepanova Another iconic modern poet and public intellectual. Her creative style is original and original – Stepanova experiments with an artistic speech and is not afraid to create new meanings.

Poems poetess are translated into many languages. She is the laureate of Andrei White Prize (for poetry) and "Big Book" (for the novel "Memory Memory"), chief editor of the COLTA portal, Essuraist and Publicist.

So that, unreasonable, did not shine,

The body coat is bought in Talut.

I’m under the shirt of gray like a sieve,

Before burning nights.

Ribs hang, cheekbones out,

Folded lips, rogue on "Yu".

Will not stand out! I’m fighting: broken

Shah architecture.

7. Dmitry Waternikov

One of the most popular modern poets, Dmitry Watermen for 10 years old, as not writes poems – publishes posts on Facebook, Essay and Articles. As he says himself, poems from him "left". Although in 2007 he was called "the king of poets" at the "Territory" festival, and the poem "Rosehnik" fans memorized by heart. Nevertheless, everything that plants makes, be it a book dedicated to the beloved dog Josephine Taurovna ("Dreams about Chunov"), or publicism – poetically and deserves attention.

So smoke here

And the light is unbearable,

that even their hands do not distinguish

who wants to live so to be loved?

I want to live, so to be loved!

Well, since you are not worth it – to live.

eight. Linor Morlik

10 Modern domestic poets about which

Linor Morlik – Orchestra. She and a poet, and prosais, and an essayist, and a translator, and a marketer – what only talents in it. The wide public knows Linor as the creator of "Hare PC" – a popular character of topical comic book.

Creativity Mountain is diverse: sometimes her poems are like a magical conspiracy, sometimes – on terrible fairy tales, and sometimes – to the life itself, considered under the microscope. Those who are interested in modern poetry, you can recommend the project Linor "Persons", in which she speaks with poets about their life – personal and creative.

While we all read this fairy tale,

Around everything exactly and happens:

First, a solid little rodent, almost toy, lies among potatoes;

Then winter, we are up with lunch and hearing a female cry from under the balcony:

eighth floor, ninth cats.

Then someone else’s bug somewhere in the park, –

Our brother drops lollipop from grief:

We grew up with her – and now, turned out.

Then first grandmother, later – Dedka.

Then winter, you will be with potatoes –

And feel like a mute.

Already quietly started pulling.

nine. Oksana Vasyakina

Oksana Vasyakina – the present of the generation of thirty-year. In 2019, she became the Laureat of the Prize "Lyceum" for the poetic cycle "Wind Freak", dedicated to all victims of violence. Vasyakina works with the agenda, and her poem like the liberation manifesto.

I’m lying in the dark under the ground

I’m lying and feel like under me

Other women sleep in the dark

Hearts them are whisper fighting in chest

in a song about hatred and pain

I feel like over the earth

I feel like me

Blowing winds complete rage

they sing a song rage

and call us to get up and go

For us revenge

For our female tribe.

ten. Alexander Kushner

Leningrad Poet Alexander Kushner consider modern classic. In 1970, he created the legendary Literary Association of Lyo, whose participants were many famous poets. Kushnera Alien Language experiments, Verlibre or White verse – Rhyme lives in his texts. And the words of the poet "times do not choose, they live in them and die" have long been hiking.

Take the introductory words.
They are spinning a head,
They interfere with the essence of saving
And slow down our speech.
And all the way are comfortable because,
What is eaten easily,
How we treat,
What, embarrassed, speak.
I will say: "Fortunately …"
And then
Let anyone speak,
I listen to open mouth
And I am glad everything in a row.

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