10 simple habits that save time and strength to you

Switching from one thing to another, we spend energy. And if it is difficult or unusual, we have to force ourselves, what is even more forces. That is why you need to always bring to the end every one.

Of course, it is impossible to work without breaks. For example, you will not write a book for one sitting. But it is quite possible to write 1,000 words at a time, without getting up every half hour after a cup of coffee.

2. Save on scale

When we buy something big parties, each individual packaging is cheaper. The same principle can be applied to time distribution.

For example, if you need to answer several letters of customers, highlight for 45 minutes in your chart and deal with all letters immediately. After that, do not look into the folder of the next 45-minute interval reserved to work with mail.

3. Be predictable in some areas

Sounds boring? But remember, for example, Steve Jobs. He wore the same thing every day. This approach can save a lot of time that we would spend on the choice of clothing.

If you still do not want to dress every day equally, think about what other areas of life you could apply this principle. Maybe automate finance management or simplify cooking process? So you will free the time that would spend on thinking of different options.

4. Remove in the workplace

Disorder distracts. Of course, from books, documents and cups of coffee on the table are not going anywhere, but if the workplace is risen in photos, accounts and other papers, you just can not focus.

In the world and so enough chaos, do not increase its quantity, littering your table.

5. Determine your goals and make a plan of action

First make a list of long-term goals and projects. Just do not feel about it as a daily list of cases is just a guide to action. Then sort the big and small tasks of importance and from time to time remind yourself that you will not be able to fulfill them all in one day.

Plan a day no more than three basic cases, and the next day, continue from the place where they stopped.

But do not forget to include on your day and affairs that you enjoy. If every day fill in the tasks that you are, you also do not achieve anything.

6. Reward yourself

Everyone has things that do not want to do. Perhaps it is sports for you, calls to customers or housework. But the longer you delay the case, the longer you will experience the feeling of guilt and stress and the less will do in the end.

To force yourself to fulfill such an unpleasant thing, reward yourself with something that you love. For example, dessert, walk or series of your favorite series. The main thing is to give yourself a reward only after the finished cases.

7. Less worry

Of course, it is not so easy to stop worrying, especially if the upcoming cases are just and cause you stress. But if you get rid of anxiety, then everything will just fall out of the hands and nervous because of this you will be even more.

10 Simple habits that save time and strength to you

Try to record what causes you alarm. It will weaken anxiety.

Short training will also help clean your head from extra thoughts and recharge. Of course, if you have some serious problem, it is best to allocate time and deal with it.

eight. Spend waiting time with benefit

We always have a "dead" time: for example, when we sit in the queue or stand in a traffic jam or simply remove the house. Naturally, it is impossible to be productive every minute, but why not have a time with benefit?

You can, for example, start learning a foreign language or listen to the audio version of the book that you all do not have time to read. Waiting time does not necessarily have time spent inust.

nine. Learn to speed

Remember how much you read the day: news, mail, tape in social networks, blogs, not to mention the work of work. Imagine how much more you can have time to learn how to speed. Of course, the training itself will also need time, but then you can easily save up to an hour a day. And these are as many as 7 hours a week – almost full time.

ten. Think about yourself as a productive person

Professional athletes train not only physically, but also mentally. They visualize their victory. And if an athlete can run faster just thinking about it, then you can become more productive, introducing himself as such.

Every morning after waking up, imagine that a new day will spend productively. This positive attitude will help achieve the planned.

10 Simple habits that save time and strength to you

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