10 standard errors that we do while working with the muscles of the press

Standard structure of power training in many sports clubs: warm-up, foot exercises (quits), breast exercises (push-ups and bench press in various variations), exercises for the back, exercises for the buttocks, press and hitch in the form of light stretching. Variations on the topic depends on the direction of training, but almost always exercises on the press go at the end before stretching. And they always give difficulty, because by this time we usually have been very tired. How much we asked our coach to move the press in the middle of the workout, he never agreed. And now I understand why!

It also became clear why the runners are so important not to ignore the workouts aimed at strengthening all the other body muscles, including the press. To achieve high results, our body should work as a coherent mechanism, and all parts of this mechanism should be in good shape. 😉

Error number 1. Ignoring complex exercises

You will make a huge mistake if you can constantly perform only insulation exercises. Complex exercises, such as thrust in the slope, squats or bench head, include each centimeter of your body! Do not forget to include them in your training program.

Error number 2. Exercise for the press first

Exercises for the press take a lot of strength, so if you put them at the beginning of the workout, then you will be very hard to perform any exercise that includes the press, that is, the same squats or thrust in the slope. For example, during squats of the press muscle support your spine, so it is desirable to approach this exercise in the appropriate condition. So better put exercises for the press at the end of the training.

Error number 3. Failure diet

If you think the cubes appear solely thanks to intensive training, you are deeply mistaken! Because no wonder they say that the press is born in the kitchen. You should not only develop strong muscles, but also reduce the percentage of fat in your body, then your press will finally come out of the shadow. 😉

Error number 4. Drawing up training exclusively for muscle press

As mentioned in the first paragraph, your press works not only when you perform exercises aimed specifically on this muscle. The press works and during many other exercises, so if you have a full training with squats, pushups and pressures, then 15 minutes for the press more than enough.

Error number 5. Daily training

Sometimes "more often" is not at all "better". Press, like any muscle in your body, needs to rest and restore forces. If you want to really achieve a significant result and do not lose the motivation, give your body a little rest. By the way, some sports applications show the time required to restore after certain loads.

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Error number 6. Perform only curls

There is a huge number of other exercises that work at no worse, and sometimes even better than standard and such native twisting. And the fact that you cannot perform a large number of repetitions does not mean that the exercises do not work. Work! Still work! And the more often you will perform them, the better you will have.

10 Standard errors that we do while working with the muscles of the press

Error number 7. Incorrect exercise

Due to the fact that many do not follow the correct exercise, but do the way they are easier, the desired results are not achieved, and the motivation fadeses. And this is natural! Who wants to grieve, sweat and suffer from pain in the muscles after training, if the desired cubes never appeared? In order for the right muscles during the execution of the exercise, you need to constantly monitor yourself and focus on working muscles with every repetition! For example, if you incorrectly performed classic body lifts, the next morning instead of the press muscle you will have a neck and feel fatigue in hip joints and hollows.

Error number 8. Ignoring the muscles of the bottom of the back

Of course, the bark has the front and side parts, but he also has a back. Many neglected muscles at the bottom of the back, but not worth forget about them!

Error number 9. Ignoring new exercises and complications of old

Oblique, transverse and front abdominal muscles, as well as the muscles of the bottom of the back are part of your bark, but at the same time they are completely different, and their fibers work in all directions. Therefore, for a truly effective workout, you must constantly change something, add new exercises and increase the complexity of old.

Error number 10. Using special devices from telemangazine in order to pump press

You seriously believe that if you drink a couple of electrodes on your belly, then in a month you will get the perfect press, as promised in the promotional video?!

10 Standard errors that we do while working with the muscles of the press

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