5 obvious, but faithful tips from Mohammed Ali

Ali performed for freedom of religion and expressed dislike for racial discrimination and war. In addition, he was a good speaker and often talked about the rules of his life. Every of them you can apply to yourself.

Time is limited, spend it with the mind

No one will deny that time is the most valuable resource, and the cliché about what is worth squeezing from him the maximum already fed. However, this is one of the most important rules, adhering to which in old age you can say that life has lived not in vain.

A man who looks at his life in 50 years as well as he looked at it at 20, spent 30 years wasted.

Ali said that if he collected garbage, then it would do it faster than all. If he were a reporter who was a chance to talk to Mohammed Ali, he would have learned all the well-known information to look at everything from another point of view. Need to be the best in everything, time goes.

Be sure to yourself

Confidence – one of the qualities that are the hardest to purchase, but it is necessary to do. Nobody loves the zassda, but timidly standing in the corner and respond to everything stupid and shy smile even worse.

Confidence is an extensive concept, and for Ali it was to take risks:

The one who is not hard to risk does not achieve anything in this life.

No matter who you are, training will be hard

People love to think that famous athletes love to train and receive pleasure from it. But anyone who says that training is joy without pain, frankly lying.

That’s what Ali spoke about training:

I hated every minute. But I said to myself: "suffer now and live your life with champion".

You will not become a champion, visiting the gym three times a week. But the championship is achieved not only in sports. You must devote to the case in which you want to succeed, all free time and power. And go forward, even when it is hard and shit.

5 Obvious, but faithful tips from Mohammed Ali

Sometimes you lose

Record Ali – 56 victories, 5 lesions and 0 draws. These are incredible indicators, but for a person who lost only 5 times in his life, every defeat is an incredible grief. Before the fight with George Formant in 1973, Ali said:

I never thought about defeat, and I first tell about my opinion. We all losing, and you need to accept it.

Go through the defeat hard, but this is what makes you stronger. You know it?

Keep friends close

Success is accompanied by the loss of many friends. But Ali believed that it was friends who helped him achieve heights:

Friendship – invaluable gift that can not be bought or sell. Its value is impossible to overestimate. Therefore, if you ask God to send you a gift, be grateful if it will be not diamonds or gold, but the love of real friends.

Unfortunately, for friendship you need to follow. Sometimes relations with people turn into a thin thread, and one incorrect movement can break it. Follow this thread, it is worth.

5 Obvious, but faithful tips from Mohammed Ali

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