5 of the most strange gadgets presented on SXSW

According to the tradition of SXSW focuses on the most recent musical, artistic, technological flows and is a kind of demonstration of our future. Edu Technophobia selected for you a few exhibits that now look at least strange, but can very soon become commonplace.


At first glance, this device is most reminiscent of some strange children’s toy. Rubber balls appear from its cells, which change their color and size, obeying the given algorithm.

In fact, this is a demonstration of a new technology that may be based on the production of displays. Such screens can be transmitted not only visual, but also tactile information.

The next Japanese invention, which can rightfully claim the title of the most unusual. +Move – these are moving hangers for clothes, which are independently removed from the things approaching them. This, according to the developers, will allow things to hang more freely and do not reverse. Although the prospect of chasing every time the runaway hanger is not too happy.

Shiseido Telebeauty

Japanese company Shiseido proposed the perfect solution for women who did not have time to cause cosmetics before communicating on Skype. Their application in real time will impose on the face of a mask that not distinguish from the present makeup.

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5 Of the most strange gadgets presented on SXSW

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Bevi is the coolest cooler you ever seen. In addition to ordinary water, it can offer drinks with various tastes: mint, lemon, coconut, ginger – or any combination thereof. Want!

Fujitsu Connected Shoes

Smart wearable gadgets are associated primarily with clock and glasses. But Fujitsu considered that this is not enough, and still developed smart shoes.

According to the developers, it will be able to determine the nature of its owner: walking, running, jumping, other exercises. In addition, smart boots can be used to navigate, authorization in various places with limited access and other purposes.

5 Of the most strange gadgets presented on SXSW

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