5 of the most strange music selections that we found in Apple Music

Apple Music – Amazing Music Service. In all senses. After updating on iOS 8.4 We have become actively studying the "Music" application and, among other things, found a selection there, compiled by Apple Music Curators. Some of them leave, to put it mildly, a strange impression. We selected the five most funny musical collections from Apple Stregnation Service.

1. Quarrel to music

There is a reverse side, and the stronger sympathy, the stronger the quarrel happens. If this happened in your life, turn on this thematic collection ..

Playlist with a very fun name and r&B-tracks in which there is already a legendary track of Justin Timberlake Cry Me a River. In addition to Justin, here you will find Say Goodbye from Chris Brown, Adel, Asher and some other popular performers. Never have no quarrels with such melodic.

2. I apply for divorce!

We offer to listen to the selection of songs of famous country performers, including both sad ballads TEMMI Wynett and George Jones and the invigorating songs of George Strette and Mark Chesnatt

We would advise the Apple Music Curators to pay attention to Stas Mikhailov – no musical selection of this kind should do without it.

3. Trip Hop Delicacy

Recognized Master of Trip-Hop experiment in their kitchen

Did you understand in Apple Music, what edge they can step up with this name? Surprisingly, some our speakers have not yet spoke on this :-).

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5 Of the most strange music selections that we found in Apple Music

4. Morning after Raiva

… the slow and cool morning came, and now you need to learn to exist in it

The most funny with this playlist is what it is in the category "With Good Morning!". Maybe it’s only we have the morning after the rava never knows?

5. Pichalka (((

The end of the relationship is always hard. I want to listen or unbearably vanilla, or heartbreakingly sad music

The unconditional "winner" in the nomination "The strangest name of the playlist" – "Pichalka (((". Yes, it is compiled and called Apple Music by Curators, although we do not believe in it.

5 Of the most strange music selections that we found in Apple Music

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