5 of the most stupid fears of a person who have a scientific substantiation

Creepy children’s toys have long been the heroes of various horror films. However, many people are alarming at the sight of dolls, even if those have no knife in the hand, like Chucks from the "Children’s Game".

What is the reason for this fear? Case in the evolutionary mechanisms of our brain. People in principle tend to find human images even where they are not. Enough to remember at least the famous illusion of the face on the moon. Such a tendency in everything to detect human persons is called Paredolia. And this is a very important ability in terms of evolution.

First, the mother’s face is one of the first and most important auditoriums that the newborn baby faces. Secondly, the sooner the caveman noticed the enemy, squeezing to him with a stick in his hand, the more chances he had to survive.

A rather large zone is assigned to recognize persons in the human brain. And when she begins to work in good, we experience unpleasant feelings. Until the dolls become too realistic and their faces did not resemble human, such a problem as pediophobia (fear of dolls) was not. However, modern toys that are visually almost different from humans are not visually, and in essentially people are not, they are called in us a collision of the unconscious instinct, speaking "run or interacting" with a clear understanding of the imprisonment of the subject. This is caused by discomfort at the sight of anthropomorphic toys.

2. Clowns

In the guys with huge red noses and unnaturally large feet, there is really something terrible. Popular media games of giggling psychopaths immediately come to mind. However, not a mass culture at all gave rise to this fear.

In a study conducted by British scientists in 2008, the reaction of children in the hospital was considered on the walls of the clowns on the walls. It turned out that the children found such a situation far from comfortable. Moreover, they recognized that the posters were frightening. Thus, the external appearance of merges with red noses from birth causes anxiety in us.

Why? In the appearance of a clown too much unnatural. Contrasting colors on the face, hanging clothes, capeless laughter – all this enough so that our brain will decide: "Something is wrong here. Not at all!"

All this is pretty obvious, but surprisingly, how these terrible creatures can be one of the movement of the hand to cause a short circuit in the brain, which is why he suddenly decides that you need to laugh! All their image, ranging from the appearance and ending with rather cruel actions towards themselves or others, has no funny features from the point of view of social code. It remains a mystery why clowns are simultaneously an embodiment and laughter and horror.

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3. Spiders and snakes

If you do not live in Australia or Amazonian lowland, you do not have serious reasons to fear snakes and spiders. However, earlier, when people had no homes and opportunities for self-defense, these creatures could deliver a lot of trouble.

Scientists showed three-year-old children with various photos, on several of which reptiles and spiders were depicted. Even those of the kids who have not met with them in life were specially reacted into images of these creatures. For the completeness of the experiment, the same was made with sevenonee children. The result was similar: the tests were afraid of snakes.

Nevertheless, research has shown that we have no instinctive fear of these animals. Just evolution presented us with the ability to recognize which creatures are danger, and which – no. In the laboratory conditions, monkeys can be much faster to teach spiders and snakes than rabbits. Most likely, because the latter does not tend to carry poison.

5 Of the most stupid fears of a person who have a scientific substantiation

4. Items with multiple holes

If you are afraid of the kind of bee honeycombs or corals, then most likely you have tripophobia. This strange phenomenon is determined as a fear of cluster holes, that is, the accumulations of the holes. There is still no scientific evidence of the reality of this phobia, but seeing the following image, many readers will surely feel discomfort.

It seems rather strange. Why a person will be afraid of holes? That they are so? Again, the answer gives an evolutionary theory. Holes in objects remind us of such dangerous animals as octopus. Our ancestors had to go to the sea for a meal, where they could easily meet some poisonous synecole octopus.

Scientists have found that people with tripophobia are particularly reacting to holes having a high contrast with small distances between the elements. It can also characterize the appearance of some dangerous animals like royal cobra and scorpion. Therefore, do not be too strict with yourself if you shout from fear at the sight of Swiss cheese: just in you Saluing Survival Instinct.

5. Crossing nails on the board

Agree, the sound of the nail cutter on the blackboard is one of the most disgusting in the world. Why is it so unpleasant for us?

Scientists claim that the frequency of sound in which a person is experiencing an unpleasant sensation is in the range of 2,000-4,000 Hz. The whole thing in the structure of the ear canal: it is organized so that the sounds that have the named frequency are significantly enhanced.

The effect here is not only psychological, because the sounds are able to influence our blood pressure and speed up the heartbeat. Why is our body so arranged? Perhaps this is another "gift" of evolution who learned us to pay attention to the cries of help or crying a child.

5 Of the most stupid fears of a person who have a scientific substantiation

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