5 popular domestic life lifts that work is not always

You heard about them?. And for sure something at least once tried to apply in everyday life. If you did not succeed, you know: it’s fine. Here are 5 lifehams that are not so simple, as they seem at first glance.

1. Open wine with self-build

Many of us turned out to be in the situation when there was no corkscrew, and the bottle of wine just could not wait for its o’clock. Searches for solutions can lead to recommendations to use the self-tapping screw. For example, tighten it or screw in a plug, and then pull it all with the help of a hammer or passage. But no matter how wrong. It is worth remembering that all the plugs are different. For example, extruded, made of crop crop, can crumble, and cheap synthetic tubes for such Edu Technophobia will be too loose. Screw easily log in and will come out, leaving a bottle of clogged.

2. Prevent boiling wooden spoon

They say a wooden spoon located on the edges of the pan prevents screaming. The method really works with moderate boiling: the cutlery does not allow bubbles to expand. With long boiling, the spoon heats up and does not have time behind the flow of foam, so the liquid starts to run away.

3. Clear toilet with Coca-Cola

Lifehakov with Coca-Cola countless. One of them – cleaning the toilet with a drink. If you look at the result before and after, it seems, everything works. Coca-Cola really purifies from tax and rust due to the presence of orthophosphoric acid. But if we are talking about full cleaning, then this drink cannot perform the main task – to get rid of microbes.

5 Popular domestic life lifts that work is not always

4. Cut Cherry Tomatoes with two plates

Instead of cutting every cherry tomato on halves, we offer two plates on the network, to hold vegetables between them and cut everything at once. However, so that everything accurately worked, there are a number of important conditions. First, squeezing the dishes needed with the same force. Secondly, you can use only a very sharp knife. And thirdly, tomatoes should be the same in size and lie in one position. Otherwise they will turn into porridge.

5. Store batteries in the refrigerator

Many have heard since childhood from parents that storing the batteries in the refrigerator extends their service life. However, according to the American manufacturer of Energizer nutrition, condensate in the refrigerator can cause their corrosion and serious damage. In addition, batteries and batteries based on nickel at low temperatures may lose their capacity. The best storage solution will be cool, but at the same time absolutely dry place.

5 Popular domestic life lifts that work is not always

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