5 reasons for the insane popularity of Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi was originally a software startup that developed Android’s own firmware. For seven years of its existence, MIUI has become the most perfect alternative OS in Android ecosystem.

One of the main advantages of MIUI is a great-worked interface. Today it is the most beautiful shell, which is really nice to use. In addition, its appearance can be changed with the help of the fact that each user will find a taste for taste.

However, MIUI is famous not only for the classroom work of designers. Xiaomi programmers also worked fine. This operating system includes many convenient things that are missing in normal Android. We are talking about built-in antivirus, additional workspace, cloning applications, sensory assistant, energy saving profiles and many other options that can only boast Xiaomi phones.

2. Updates

Xiaomi does not cease to work on improving the software of its smartphones.

Miui is divided into two branches of development: stable and for developers. Stable firmware updated about once a month, while the developer version receives updates every week. They are corrected in software errors, new features and features are added.

Far from every firm boasts such support. Usually smartphones of other manufacturers during a couple of months after exit get several patches that eliminate the most critical errors, after which the programmers switch on more recent models.

3. Autonomy

Not all Xiaomi gadgets can boast a record battery capacity. However, smartphones of this company work much longer than any competitor with the same battery capacity.

The impact of this phenomenon lies in the depths of the operating system. MIUI uses a number of energy-saving technologies that allow gadgets under its control to increase battery life. We are talking about switching performance profiles on a schedule, intelligent management background activity of installed applications, memory optimization and a number of Xiaomi branded developments.

4. Integration with other Xiaomi gadgets

Xiaomi produces not only smartphones, but also a large number of other gadgets. For example, smart teapots, sneakers, fitness bracelets, lamps, bicycles, home sensors and so on.

5 Reasons for the insane popularity of Xiaomi smartphones

The main distinguishing feature of all these products is the ability to interact with each other, forming a uniform ecosystem. In her center there is your smartphone from which you can manage all connected devices using special applications.

If you use Xiaomi smartphones, communication with other gadgets of this company will be more pleasant and convenient. If you try to use the usual Android OS for this purpose, get ready for problems.

5. Price

The first smartphones of the company struck all unusually low price and competitive characteristics. This is not surprising: at first, the company’s mobile division did not bring any profits at all, that is, smartphones were sold at cost. Income was planned to receive exclusively using the services and services built into the phones.

Since then, many changes have happened, including in the commercial model of development of the company. Nevertheless, Xiaomi mobile devices still possess one of the best prices for price and quality in the market. Each company smartphone, whether it is a representative of the Budget REDMI line or the flagship series MI, is the most profitable acquisition in its price category. That eloquently confirm the volume of sales growing every year.

Of course, this is not a complete list of advantages of Xiaomi smartphones. Each reader may have their own arguments for or against this product. Share them in the comments?

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