5 reasons to buy xbox one instead of PlayStation 4

Unlike Sony, Microsoft did not forget about old games. Xbox ONE supports hundreds of previous consoles. It can be played in such classic titles like Metal Gear Solid HD, Portal, Splinter Cell: Double Agent, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and many others.

And not only digital copies are supported, but also disk, and the list of projects is constantly updated. While the only way to play games for previous PlayStation on PlayStation 4 is to wait for Remaster or reprint.

2. Excellent exclusive

Xbox One has not so many exclusive games, but they still have. For example, in the legendary series of Halo shooters, you can only play on this console. Like Epic Gears Of War, Great Racing from the Forza series, Killer Instinct Fighting and Cinematic Action Quantum Break.

Also among the exclusives of the console it is worth mentioning Rare Replay – Collection of classic Rare Studio Games. Among them, for example, there are Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie and Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

3. Comfortable controller

In the previous generation of Xbox consoles, there was a better controller according to many gamers. And nothing has changed. Xbox One gamepad – generally accepted favorite among all controllers in the market. He is perfectly in his hands, it is convenient for it and nice to press buttons and triggers.

And most importantly, this gamepad works on batteries. So if the controller suddenly sits in the midst of an important battle, then he will not have to put it for charging. It will be enough to change batteries.

4. Available technologies

Three technologies that significantly improve the game experience are available on the Consoles of the Xbox One family: 4K, Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos.

4k is ultra-high resolution. Games and movies in 4k look amazingly clearly. This format is supported both premium Xbox One X and budget XBOX ONE S. While among the Sony 4K consoles is available only on the older console version – PlayStation 4 Pro.

5 Reasons to buy xbox one instead of PlayStation 4

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Also all Xbox ONE consoles exclusively support Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos – two spatial sound technologies for headphones. The principle of their work is approximately the same: they provide excellent pan, depth and sound quality. Thanks to these functions, it becomes easier to plunge into the game.

5. Subscription service with hundred games

XBOX Game Pass is a service providing access to a huge Xbox One Library. Subscription users can play in more than 200 projects. Like new – For example, Agents of Mayhem and Doom shooter – and the classic kind of action-RPG Fable and Devil MAY CRY 4.

Moreover, all the exclusives of Microsoft are such as the Pirate Simulator Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves and the Forza Horizon 4 race, – appear in Game Pass on the day of release. That is, instead of buying a new game for a full price of $ 3,999, you can buy a subscription for a month for the same hundred dollars and go through the right project. Equivalent to the benefit of offers on PlayStation 4 simply no.

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