5 reasons to love deedlane

Last week I had a day without meetings and conversion – I thought I would spend it on my blog. But instead, I watched the video on YouTube, shook at Facebook and read something on the Internet. And all because I did not put myself a specific period of completing the task.

With grandwords I am writing to the blog twice.

Postponement on an abstract future, you just spend time. You need restrictions, otherwise you never implement your plans.

2. Deadlines can be put on their own, and it happens very effective

Saturday in my schedule – Blog Material Day. I try to write as much as possible, and it is damn hard. Deadline, to which everything should be ready, – 17:00, because at 18:00 we go to dinner and she will be very angry if I was late.

This is a very good coincidence. The romantic dinner appointed to the end of a heavy day not only reminds me when you need to stop, but also rewards for the work done. In the evening I understand that it worked not in vain, and idle.

If you do not like to observe other people’s grandmarkets, appoint your. Add not only what to do to the schedule, but also a reward. Also come up with yourself a punishment for the breakdown of Deadline – this, what is the evil and offended girl for me.

3. Deadlayna remind you that time is limited

To be effective, you need to learn not to lose a concentration regardless of the one that is hour now and what the weather outside the window.

The best time for business is always now.

When next time you say to yourself: "Better I will do it later," react to his words with suspicion. If Dedine is not defined, it seems that you can definitely postpone the tasks. But this is an illusion: digital entertainment will eat free day faster than you finish your coffee.

4. Deadline transform laziness in zeal

5 Reasons to love deedlane

Our brain is afraid of discomfort and pushes us to the choice of rest instead of Labor. To oppose the unpleasant part of our work for him naturally, so we are so often lazy and pronounce.

Deadlines help customize brain on productivity. Everything is simple: the faster we can handle work, the faster we get a deserved rest. Here is such a tricky trick.

5. Deadlines make it impossible possible

I love Deadlana for the fact that after performing the work, they become simple back – the marks traveled.

Sometimes we are told that we dream of unless and our chances of success are negligible. But when you see several closed tasks, you will understand that they have become a bit closer to the goal.

I never thought I would have time, creativity, enough knowledge and interesting stories to become a blogger. It seemed uncomfortable. But the specific deadlines for tasks and new habits gave me the opportunity to open and develop your blog.

Deadlands help clearly see the goal and resist Len. Just learn how to work with them.

5 Reasons to love deedlane

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