5 reasons why be friends with colleagues – a bad idea

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According to the American survey, Research on Friends At Work / Olive Nazarene University, spent in 2019, only 15% of people believe that among their colleagues there are real friends. Moreover, in 2004, this figure reached WE DON’T HANG OUT with Our Coworkers / Marketplace up to 30%, and in 1985 – up to 50%.

In Russia, no one has conducted similar research, and possibly, taking into account the difference of mentalities, these indicators will be higher. But the main idea does not change: not everyone is ready to make friends at work. And here are a few reasons why it is not deprived of meaning.

1. Friends are more often distracted

And are recognized in it themselves when j. R. Methot, J. A. Lepine et al. Are Workplace Friendships a Mixed Blesing? Exploring Tradeoffs of MultiPlex Relationships And Their Associations With Job Performance / Personnel Psychology in Poll. Here, in general, everything is logical. If a friend works in the next room, temptations go to the smoking room or drink an extra cup of tea in a pleasant company much more. How to talk with each other in the messenger or just chat right during work.

It is unlikely that it will strongly affect the results, but to work when there is such a powerful distracting factor nearby, it may be hard.

2. More friends – less alternative opinions

Yes, during one of the polls, it turned out M. RUEF. Strong Ties, WEAK TIES AND ISLANDS OF ORGANIZATIONAL INNOVATION / INDUSTRIAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE, that teams that consist of buddies are less likely to give fresh innovative ideas, since all their participants tend to think about one direction, support the opinion of each friend and not join disputes. Here are just discussions, if they lead them civilized, on the contrary, can bring people to interesting solutions.

3. Separate personal from the worker can be difficult

Especially if people often contact in the process of work, and not just sit somewhere in different departments. Switching and seeing before yourself not just a friend, but also a colleague can be difficult. How to put a professional above personal.

Therefore, predicising and unpleasant situations are not excluded. For example, such:

  • The man expressed a stupid idea, but nobody decided to tell him about it: they did not want to offend a friend.
  • Someone from employees periodically mowed, but they close eyes on friendship.
  • In the event of a conflict situation, people take the side of each other – regardless of whether it is right or not, – and biased relate to his opponent.
  • 5 Reasons why be friends with colleagues - a bad idea
  • With a friend, it is much more difficult to be strict, especially if he has difficult times. So the workflow may suffer.
  • If friends are very quarreled outside of work, it is possible that it will be difficult to cooperate for some time. And at work will also grow conflict.

4. Friendship is incompatible with competition

If both friends are approximately at the same positions and set themselves similar career goals, their relationships can be a problem. Because friend simultaneously turns out to be a competitor.

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And it is necessary to solve a difficult ethical dilemma: to show rigidity and try to deserve the post higher, not looking around at a friend and his feelings, or be soft and miss a good career opportunity. Balance between these two extremes is possible, but it is difficult to achieve it.

5. Friendship is not eternal

People periodically break relationships. Sometimes – on a very unpleasant note. And after one of them suffered another, he talked to him or did something bad, they still have to come to work in the morning and communicate. It’s not as hard as it happens when a romantic couple is disintegrated, but also quite awkward.

And if people manage to dissect so that they turn into enemies from friends, each of them has a personal information about each other. It will be enough to dissolve gossip, put on pain points and make nasty. And it can be great to affect the career, and on the psychological climate in the team.

So, before you converge with a person, including in a friendly, it is worth carefully to ask how he responds about past friends.

Of course, there are positive moments. People who have friends in the team, Better Teams Work Better With a Little Help from Your Friends / Ohio State University copble with tasks and get more Item 10: I Have a Best Friend At Work / Gallup attention and support. They feel Item 10: I Have a Best Friend At Work / Gallup yourself important and share the company’s mission.

However, it is worth remembering that you come to work in order to solve certain tasks and make money. And friendship sometimes can interfere.

5 Reasons why be friends with colleagues - a bad idea

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