5 reasons why top-level specialists do not go to your company

It will be about top managers – Profi C-level, where with CHIEF ("Main"). These are the first persons of the company who occupy senior positions. Executives: CEO (Chief Executive Officer, CEO), CFO (Chief Financial Officer, Financial Director) or CTO (Chief Technical Officer, Technical Director or Chief Engineer).

Specialists of this level are not accustomed to post their resume and fight for the place. As if on the contrary, companies are actively struggled to get such an employee. Changes in places with applicants, you begin to do everything to make an exclusive specialist to choose you: talk about the company, offer competitive salary, actively write letters in an attempt to remar employee. But everything is in vain: for several months of active hanting do not lead to the result.

Let’s truth: work in your company should be truly tempting.

Social package, flexible schedule, office in the city center – all these conditions have not been considered unique for a long time, especially for specialists with-level.

Therefore, before you start complex searches, think that you can offer a candidate. Perhaps you better reduce the requirements and look for someone "simpler"?

If you are still confident that you are the most "cool, dynamically developing company", let’s look at the five main reasons why first-class professionals do not go to your team.

1. Unattractive presentation of the company

The direction of your business may seem unprofitable or uninteresting for exclusive "white collar" if you use template phrases, do not celebrate the company’s achievements, make up a dry and monotonous description of the vacancy.

  • Option 1: "We are a young, dynamically developing company. Our team consists of professionals who know their work and confidently achieve their goals. We are looking for an ambitious, stress-resistant, communicable person who wants to grow and develop with us!".
  • Option 2: "We exist in the market for two years, opened offices in Moscow, Riga, Budapest. Our products use Gazprom, VTB and Amazon. A month ago, we launched a project to recognize persons: the system collects information about a person in 0.2 seconds. In our team – graduates of Moscow State University, Tseu, University of London. We are looking for a specialist who knows how to display a website in the Google search top where new customers are hidden, what is backlink and what the differences between Kissmetrics and Google Analytics.

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Think than your business can hook a pro. Does your business have a social mission? Do you offer experimental opportunities? Work with modern technologies? You may be launching an ambitious startup, which is about to get in one row with the leaders of Forbes and implies extraordinary tasks?

Each sector can become attractive, the main thing is how you will present it.

2. Uninteresting tasks

Along with the direction of business, a high-level specialist attracts the tasks themselves. Monotonous, deprived of the ruin of orders can be driven into longing already at the time of their transfer in the column "Responsibilities".

  • Option 1: "Creating information reasons, preparation of press releases for the media, communication with media in the framework of the company’s brand promotion, drawing up TK for SMM specialists and copywriters, the formation of tasks and setting goals for the implementation of the PR campaign".
  • Option 2: "Communication with representatives of leading Digital media: Forbes, Inc., RUSBASE, RBC, as well as with The Times, The Guardian and The New York Times as part of the company’s international promotion. Participation in Startup Village conferences (Moscow), SIBOS (London) and IBC (Amsterdam). Work in programs for Marketing Ahrefs, Buffer and Serpstat, KPI analysis and other brand promotion tasks with the ability to implement your own solutions.
5 Reasons why top-level specialists do not go to your company

The first option is template wording without specifics and attractive sides. The second – reflects the specifics of the tasks and outlines the growth directions for your top.

Specialists like when it is possible not just to lead the department, but to influence the future of the company. The IT top-level, for example, show interest in vacancies when they offer a high responsibility area, make it possible to implement their own solutions, use new technologies, experiment.

3. Non-competitive working conditions

If your competitors provide salary specialists above average on the market, options (excellent motivation format, which works well in the world of top management) and other pleasant bonuses, then your task is to offer more.

Learn the vacancies of other companies, detect priorities, think over more favorable conditions – and success will be on your side.

Do not forget that the remuneration must meet the requirements. If you need a candidate with specific skills, offer more tempting conditions. Agree, in companies working with clients around the world, experts with knowledge of the Japanese language are higher than those who do not own them. Especially in organizations whose leading partner, say, Mitsubishi.

4. Geographical restrictions

High-level specialists rarely work remotely: it is important for them to be constantly located next to the team and actively participate in the company’s affairs. But this does not mean that you can find the pros only in your city.

Modern specialists are very mobile and with a big hunting view options for moving. Working with the top aestnies, I notice that many of them refuse to consider the offer if it does not allow you to move to another city or country. We, for example, have recently been able to dangle the candidate from St. Petersburg for the company, which is located in Nizhny Novgorod.

Believe me, relocation is an unusual and attractive experience that can motivate the top specialist to take exactly your offer.

5. Inefficient recruitment

You read the article and realized that you have everything to attract a C-level specialist, but I could not find your candidate? It is possible that the reason is hiding in the process of recruiting.

Think, you use all channels to search or go only by well-known sites? How do you communicate with candidates: write template letters or come to each individual? How many selection stages you have? Ask you to perform a test task? These are just a number of questions that will help navigate and reply: Do you negotiate with specialists??

If you have little experience in the selection of high-level personnel, it makes sense to contact recruiting agencies. If you still decided to search for yourself, here are some simple, but effective advice:

  1. Clearly designate the candidate’s profile, that is, the knowledge and skills of a specialist who will be needed to work in your team. Before starting the selection, you need to know exactly whom you are looking for. It depends on how you will motivate a specialist.
  2. Do not arrange long interviews and do not give test tasks at the first stage. The candidate will not spend 6-8 hours to fulfill the task, when he has several proposals for work. This is especially true for IT-sphere. In my practice there were cases when 100% of candidates refused to consider vacancies, as soon as they found out that it is necessary to undergo a test task to a personal acquaintance with the company’s head.
  3. Ask Fidbek from each candidate who refused your offer. It seems to be quite obvious, but, in my experience, very many do not consider it necessary to learn the reasons for a negative decision.


Leware high-level specialist – not easy task even for prestigious companies. Evaluate your real features: Do not attempt to donate Facebook Technical Director, if you can not offer more favorable conditions. Be honest in front of yourself and candidates.

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