5 Rules of Freelancer Khan Solo

Obi-Van Kenobi in Cabeq Mos-Eisley did not just seek some pilot that would spend his money. He was looking for a man standing out of the crowd. In a couple of minutes, he understood that Khan Solo is exactly who he needed. Hana has a unique ship capable of passing around the Doug Kessel (the legendary smugglers route) for a third faster than everyone else and tear away from the Korelian cruisers, and Khan does not hide it. Moreover, he is proud.

Do not be afraid to advertise yourself, it is worth doing this confidently, and then you will not forget. Well, going accompanied by a huge VOO – also a very good course.

Develop your connections

When Khan pressed in part "The Empire strikes back, he attracted the most valuable resource of any freelancer – Friends. He pulled out of the depths of the ship Contacts Lando Calryissian. They, of course, had a couple-triple conflict, but Khan was sure that he could count on a friend.

People who you can trust, that is the resource that will help you avoid some problems.

Khan dulls in the Galaxy not only for the sake of work under the contract, but also – often – to help your friends. After all, without friends you have to resist everyone and everything in perfect loneliness.

Know your limit

Remember how Lando was surprised in the "return Jedi" when Khan did not suggest heading the fleet of the rebels. "And who said that they did not suggest? – answered Han. – But I’m not crazy. You’re from us respectable, did not forget?"Khan knew that he was born not by the fleet commander.

The desire to throw the random life of the freelancer and exchange it on a regular salary can sometimes pop up. But do not forget: you are born for another. Such changes will not be beneficial.

Shoot the first

5 Rules of Freelancer Khan Solo

When Grido, dreaming about the award of Jabba, drove the Khan in the corner, the smuggler did not flinch. It does not matter what George Lucas thinks, Khan Solo knows when to shoot first. At that time he had to: they came for his head and the chances of preserving her very quickly decreased. In such situations, it is necessary to act quickly and weigh.

Do not let other advantages in something just because you are slowly moving. Shoot, shoot a label and, most importantly, before others.

Watch your reputation

Han is not perfect, but there is something that you can do to avoid mistakes. The freelancer must be a person who decisive problems, to those who can perform the task perfectly. If you have a reputation for a person who can not rely on, the client will most likely simply not turn to you.

Khan was supposed to contact jabboy and pay duty as soon as he had money. Yes, his mission was difficult. Yes, he had the right to reset the cargo when the ship threatened the danger. But after that, he was simply obliged to restore the reputation in the eyes of a powerful and wealthy customer.

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