5 serials that ended not at all as we wanted

The first seasons "stay alive" can be revised with pleasure today. A plane crash with panic will grow into a complex drama on uninhabited (as it turns out, not at all) island. Each hero has its own story, and numerous flashbacks are not relaxing, but only injected the atmosphere in a mysterious place.

Dozens of colorful characters intertwined and created a brilliant serial world with detective tension and frightening mysticism. Each series did not always solve at least one riddle, but it was guaranteed to ask several new questions. What a black smoke and what sacral meaning of code 4 8 15 16 23 42? And most importantly, when the heroes are already getting out of this hell?

What’s wrong with the ending

Let’s admit: we did not understand anything. Yes, the authors promised that I would finish LOST on the sixth season and explain everything. But an attempt can be called unsuccessful. Already confusing the plot complicated by religious subtext, the interpretation of the island as purulent and confrontation of good and evil.

In short, the authors were lazy to unravel the tangle of riddles and added a large portion of metaphysics and biblical morality. Although for real fans it turned out to be a plus. Disputes about what was still going on on the island, continue until now.

How to finish

Staying on the fourth season, do not play with an alternative reality, and to power the viewer on the head plot turn, like, for example, in the final of the film "Life of David Gale".

2. Dexter (Dexter)

  • Thriller, Drama, Crime, Detective.
  • USA, 2006-2013.
  • Duration: 8 seasons.
  • IMDB: 8,7.

For what we love the series

The serial killer is the perfect villain for films and serials. But the creators of "Dexter" made almost impossible – forced millions of viewers to empathize a person who brutally and defiantly disappeared with people. Let it be with the same bloodthirsty maniacs.

It was the hero’s chip. It is not thoughtless to rape cute models and innocent grandmothers, and to follow clear morality: normal people leave alive, and disgusting chop to pieces.

An additional serial intrigue – the double life of Michael Hero to. Holla. He is an expert on blood, is engaged in forensic, pretending that ordinary guy, and he likes sex. But Dexter has only one passion – to kill the villains in Night Miami.

What’s wrong with the ending

The series broke off strange. As if the creators were afraid to solve the fate of the dexter and call the wrath of fans. Yes, the protagonist completed its main affairs and the overwhelming of the next antagonist. But questions remain to many plot lines and the logic of Dexter himself.

We will not spoil, but consider: After seven seasons with the smartest maniac, the last series will cause a strange feeling. The decisive hero is as if replaced, and the exciting scenario will change absurd tight.

How to finish

Remove a few more episodes, explain some minor moments and show the dying dexter, like Walter White in the final of the series "In all grave".

3. "Secret Materials" (The X Files)

  • Fantasy, thriller, drama, detective.
  • USA, 1993-2002, 2016 – Present.
  • Number of seasons: 10.
  • IMDB: 8,7.
5 Serials that ended not at all as we wanted

For what we love the series

One of the main TV shows of the 90s. Mystical, charming and alarming. Fox Mulder (David Gukhovanny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) Nine seasons were honed by the main duet in the history of the series. And all this to the music from the screensaver you guess from two notes, even if you did not look at The X Files. Anthology of the series (each series – new story) allows you to stretch pleasure, not remembering all the subtleties of the plot.

Having changed the domesticity of "Twin Pizes" (with which critics were constantly compared "secret materials" and a joke called them twin x), the creator of the series Chris Carter immersed the audience in the popular theme of world conspiracies, UFOs, superposses and other paranormal. The series did not go to the very arthouse style, but was more friendly to a simple viewer.

Why the ending turned out to be failed

Ten years of adventures of Special Institutions FBI Tired of all. Therefore, David is spiritual in the ninth season (after which the series fell into a hibernation for 14 years) appeared only in the last episode. And the show was necessary to end in 2002, and maybe earlier: to leave at the peak beautifully, realizing that only the fall in quality and ratings is expected. But it returned in 2016 with six episodes, and the 11th season has already been announced.

It is impossible to say that new investigations will be forced to die of shame. Simply against the background of dozens of new detective shows "Secret materials" do not look something special. Mulder and Scully still raise crimes with a mystical population, but it looks like a series of a solidarity, no more.

How to finish

The ending of the nine season was not perfect. But it simply was not worth returning to the Epoch "Fargo" and "Real Detective".

4. "Firefly" (Firefly)

  • Fiction, action, drama, adventure.
  • USA, 2002.
  • Number of seasons: 1.
  • IMDB: 8,7.

For what we love the series

A mixture of good Western and Star Wars. In the world of a distant future (2517), China and the United States jointly master new galaxies, and people have all the same problems. The authors of "Svezka" strongly limited the dose of pathos and cosmic gradation, paying attention to relationships between characters.

Many of them are blinded by the template: combat girlfriends, infantile men and an adventurous protagonist – Captain Malcolm Rhine, who fights on the loser side and is smuggling. Fifteen episodes of the first and only season definitely deserve viewing.

Why the ending turned out to be failed

Because the series finished not in time. And if most of the successful shows are tightened, trying to earn as much as possible, then with the "firefly" came around. Fox Channel initially did not want to release it, considering the idea of ​​banal and non-insulating.

No pity for fans Channel closed the show after a successful season. People signed petitions and demanded to return the series on the screens, but managed to receive only the full-length film "Mission" Serenity "(2005).

How to finish

This is the question of the third, fourth or tenth season. The potential of the "Firefly" was powerful.

5. "Clan Sopranos" (The Sopranos)

  • Drama, crime.
  • USA, 1999-2007.
  • Number of seasons: 6.
  • IMDB: 9,2.

For what we love the series

"Embrella Father" in the world of the series (but in the slogan show it is just denied). Smart drama in which everything is shown as it is. Crime – it is cruel and hurt. No romance of mafia, but all the action of the impregnated truth and black humor.

The series that does not let go of the audience, Tomno immerses him in a very difficult world, where there are no right families, only good or evil characters. You can disagree, but on our list it is the highest quality series.

Why the ending turned out to be failed

The last frames of the sixth season – a sample of how to bring the audience. In 2007, many of them thought that the TV signal was simply interrupted in the most interesting place when Tony soprano raises her head and … nothing happens, black screen, titers.

Creator of the series David Chase first in an interview assured that Tony is alive. And later accused journalists in the wrong interpretation of his words and asked to avoid literal interpretations. According to Chase, the ending and should not give a direct response. "This is a metaphysical question," smirling says Chase, while the fans for the hundredth time revise the final scene.

5 Serials that ended not at all as we wanted

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