5 services for renting anything

In many cases, rent is really more profitable than to buy. Why buy Gopro if you go skiing for a week? Or gaming console if you want to pass one or two standing games? Such things can be easily leased, searching for ads on the boards. And below we will talk about more specific things.

Boats – Sailo

Many dream of going to the open sea on their boat or yacht. But buying your own yacht is an excessively expensive pleasure. Do not even take into account its price, subsequent care for it is also worth a fabulous amount of money. Sailo allows you to take a yacht for rent for a certain period. You can even specify whether you need a captain. Prices vary within $ 300 per day.

Workplace – Copass

I easily imagine a person who often travels and does not like to work in a cafe. Still extraneous noise and gomon are not pleasant for everyone. Copass allows you to find a coworking anywhere in the world. Need to register on the site and see the nearest places. Moreover, if you are one of the "nomad" – people traveling around the world and working remotely – you can build your route in advance, based on good coworkins.

Smartphone – Hotel My Phone

Hotel My Phone is an application for iOS and Android. It works on the principle of social service. If you have a discharge phone, you can enter the application under your account with a friend’s friend or other person, and your SMS and phone book will appear there. Perfectly suitable for emergency cases.

5 Services for renting anything

Place for Tent – Gamping

If you decide to go hiking with a tent, you probably know where and how to settle. You are unlikely to need to lease a paid place for a tent camp. Therefore, Gamping is another service for emergency situations. If you can not find a place to sleep yourself, you can use this service. The base of places for our countries is small, but expands.

Bicycles, Skiing, Snowboard – Spinlister

Service having a large base and in our countries. With it, you can rent a bike, skiing, snowboarding or sirf from other people. In my city prices turned out to be slightly lower than in ordinary rental locations. Most likely due to the fact that you take the inventory from ordinary people, and not in organizations.

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