5 signs that you have to change the environment

The problem is that a person is in nature afraid of changes. They suggest fear and panic. However, they are necessary. Life changes, change and you.

Even if you know someone from kindergarten, it’s not a reason to torment yourself with an unpleasant communication. Of course, disagreements and quarrels happen between people. But sometimes the relationship can pull you down and do not bring anything other than disappointment and fatigue.

There are several signs that the time has come to cut the old connections and find new friends.

1. Only you are always the initiator of a joint pastime

The organization of all events lies with you? Only you manifest the initiative and propose to meet? You fulfill all the draft work, and others only have fun? So should not be.

Real close friends are unlikely to leave you one with a mountain of dishes after a party. Only one person should not answer for this. If you are always on pickup, you will begin to feel undervalued. And the insults will lie on the heart with severe cargo.

2. They constantly sum up

You are in a hurry, because you are afraid to be late for a meeting, and another person does not even think to worry about it. He does not respond to messages and forgets you to call back.

Sometimes it really happens by chance. But if it repeats from day to day, it means that a person does not care about you at all. Friends must respect and appreciate each other.

3. You have absolutely different interests

It is quite normal that each of us has their own hobbies and preferences. Every person is unique, otherwise it would be boring. If friends have different hobbies, then this is a reason to teach each other to something new and interesting.

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But wrong if you always donate your interests for friends. And they do not notice or do not want to notice this. Or find the balance, or do not waste time on such selfish people.

5 Signs that you have to change the environment

4. They are not interested in your life

Real friends know how to listen to each other. They do not discuss only themselves, because sincerely care about the well-being of loved ones.

If people share with each other with their problems and experiences, it makes their relationship stronger and closer.

5. They do not support you

Close people do not have to pull you down. You must feel their support in any of your endeavors. Because from whom still, if not from them?

In severe situations, the true nature of people is always manifested. And if you got into trouble, and the friend did not support you, then this is hardly your person.

Remember: this is not a call to delete from the life of all familiar who do not suit you something. Just be selective in which you spend your time. After all, a lot in life depends on your environment.

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