5 simple ways to develop awareness for those who hate meditate

How often do we promise to live consciously, but you get distracted during the day and forget about it. Therefore, it is useful to have some signals that will remind that it’s time to add a little awareness to your actions and pay attention to what is happening at the moment, and not to focus on your thoughts. Such a signal can be any action or event. Here are five simple ways to develop awareness during the day.

1. During walking

If you do not like to meditate sitting, try to do it while walking.

When you get up at work because of the table to reach the toilet, drink coffee or discuss something with colleagues, try not to move thoughtlessly, immersed in your thoughts. Better concentrate attention on physical sensations from walking.

Note, as they relate to the floor of the foot, like from one foot to another tolerate body weight. Feel how hands moving. Pay attention to the temperature in the room. Listen to your senses.

2. While eating

We are almost always distracted by something while eating. Check email and social networks or just think about something.

  • Try just to eat. Set all electronic devices, books and newspapers.
  • Try to eat alone.
  • Pay attention to what you eat, feel taste, smell, food texture. Notice what color it is. You can even spend a minute to feel gratitude.
5 Simple ways to develop awareness for those who hate meditate

3. During the conversation

Do not think that you have to answer, just listen carefully and notice what thoughts you have. So much easier for you to understand the point of view of the interlocutor and give a more respectable answer.

Ability to listen – perhaps the most valuable thing we can give others. This is especially important during disputes and tense negotiations. If you listen carefully, the interlocutors have a feeling that they understood them, they listened to their opinion, and this usually helps to discharge the situation.

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4. In the bathroom

Pleasant moments often fly imperceptibly, because at this time we thought about something and did not pay attention to the physical sensations. Therefore, the next time you take a shower, do not scroll the list of cases in your head, do not worry about work and do not register yourself for a quarrel that occurred ten years ago.

Stop and feel water droplets on the skin. Pay attention to the water temperature, smells of soap or shampoo and just feel gratitude for the fact that you are available to such a luxury as clean water.

5. During yoga

Many perceive yoga only as a complex of body exercises. But yoga classes – perfect time to develop awareness. Try to fully concentrate on what is happening, on the sensations of your body. Before you start, feel the feet on the rug. Train awareness, even when you do not do in the hall, and at home or travel.

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