5 skills that will truly use you in the future

There are many materials on the network about what skills will need a person to achieve success in the 2020s and later. However, all these lists are managers who have successfully learned to make money from air and someone else’s work. Therefore, when it comes to something tangible, everything turns out to be at all as in fairy tales.

Now we will consider some of the most important skills that will really allow not to stay without work in difficult times and turn on the head above our candidates.

1. Manual labor

Although more attention is paid to the work performed using a variety of devices, manual labor is unlikely to be completely replaced by robotic. This applies to absolutely all industries. Even the most modern aircraft build people, and they do it with their own hands. Complex aggregates only help, but do not replace fully manual labor.

Wrap the nut, replace the wiring, grow green on the windowsill – all this manual work, in which even the most modern mechanism will not be able to replace a person – only help. Even when it comes to the manufacture of complex milled parts or metal welding, the man sometimes works much more accurate due to his own experience. Will it change? No. Computers will first have to learn how to make complex decisions, and it will take more than a dozen years: too complex and non-algorithmized operations are increasingly.

2. Processing, analysis and application of information

Ability to handle a large amount of data – a significant plus. But for digital noise, people have learned to perceive information. Okay, read – put in memory. Only the fact itself, no processing.

Unfortunately, little to analyze information. It must be understood, to be able to apply and in some cases include intuition. That is what distinguishes us from computers, and it is the intuition of a specialist – an important thing that cannot be replaced with artificial intelligence.

3. Repair and maintenance of equipment

Even if computers capture the world, someone will have to serve them. It is a more difficult job than the above. But small knowledge in the field of programming and working with controllers can really ease life. You do not need to be able to do it yourself from scratch, but you need to understand where to find the information you need and how to apply it. By and large, quite well-assimilated school curriculum and several small online courses.

5 Skills that will truly use you in the future

4. Communication skills

Digital communication gradually displaces personal communication. But it is precisely it allows you to express yourself from the best side, find useful (or just pleasant) dating, learn something new. The ability to be pleasant in the company, to have unfamiliar people will never be ousted by any other. A man who can speak beautifully and correctly, always on the head above the others, even if he has less knowledge. And the ability to argue its position is much more expensive than any reports of Data Science.

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5. Collective work and accommodation

The further society goes deep into the digital jungle, the farther from each other. But modern tasks are almost impossible to resolve independently: they are too extensive to know everything you need. Yes, and time in a mad modern pace is catastrophically lacking. Therefore, it is very important to be able to collect around yourself like-minded people, work together and issue a general result. This skill is very difficult produced, but one of the most simple ways – to jointly maintain clean and comfort your own dwelling (entrance and territory around). There are enough problems with housing and public utilities, so if it turns out to successfully coexist with the neighbors,.

5 Skills that will truly use you in the future

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