5 steps to mental health

We know what to do to stay healthy physically: it is easy to eat, train, not overwork and walk a lot. It turns out something from this works for mental health. If you do not get sick, a few useful habits will help improve mood.

What you need for a healthy psyche

Man needs to know what he can do what he wants. Feeling of confidence, satisfaction with life, joy and employment, the feeling of unity with the world is also important for mental state, like self-esteem. Man needs good relationships that bring satisfaction.

Happiness is part of mental health. But happiness is not all.

Mentally prosperous person also faces difficulties, he can not be happy. But in the hard days, a healthy person knows that he has enough strength and flexibility to cope. No one can provide a person this well-being is better than he himself. The National Health Service of Great Britain believes that it takes only five steps.

These are working ways to make yourself better. Even if it seems that something is not suitable for you, do not disappear from these tips. Think, maybe in your life there is a way to somehow apply them. And if you do all this, but do not feel that well-being, whether you do, how it is necessary?

How to achieve mental health

1. Communicate with people

With your family, friends or colleagues, neighbors. No need to talk with everyone in a row, especially if the idea of ​​calling relatives is horror.

Man is a social animal, so communication with other people increases self-esteem and gives a feeling of belonging to something more.

In solid relations with family and friends, we share feelings, we understand us, we get support and support others, and the ability to give it important for us is no less than the opportunity to receive. And more important item: if people around you are safe and know how to be happy, you learn about them.

How to work on relationships

Communicate with family and friends close people. Learn to listen and maintain, and also talk about yourself. Not necessarily expand the circle of friends, it is more important to communicate inside it more interesting.

Also expand professional connections, communicate with people with the same hobbies or such professional duties. It is necessary not only for psychological comfort, but also just to get knowledge.

It is easy to say, but it is more difficult to do, especially when the social networks create the illusion of contact. Put like and visit the page is not equally talking. These tips will help maintain close relationships without replacing them with huskies:

  • Try to use such programs for communication that allow you to hear a voice or see a person. Highlight time on the relationship. Every day in the schedule must be time for friends and on the family. Call, go to visit, schedule the meeting, send a postcard, just do not limit yourself in the social network. At least talk to messenger.
  • Choose a day to meet friends you have not seen a long time ago. It is not necessary to spend together all day. It is better to visit some event: if you have not communicated for a long time, you can arise awkward pauses in a conversation, and you can always discuss something in the cinema or at the exhibition. Do not plan a meeting for a few hours, but do not score after it. If it turns out that you want to talk longer, you can extend communication.
  • If in the evenings you watch TV or sit on the Internet, try replacing gadgets with something brings closer. Buy a desktop game and play the whole family. Or just talk to the abstract topics. If you do not know what to talk about with relatives, arrange a discussion club: open the site with the news and discuss them or at all take the topics from any textbook of English.
  • Talk to someone new: with a colleague from the neighboring department, with that man with whom you intersect every day on the bus.
  • Lunch with colleagues and communicate if the relationship in the team allows you to talk.
  • If you know that someone from friends or family needs help, offer her today.
  • Participate in public activities: on a cleanup at work, collecting things for the orphanage, in protecting the interests of your home or district. Choose the option that do not.
  • 5 Steps to mental health

2. Always continue to learn

Study helps keep the brain in the tone and reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. She also gives reason to love yourself, like sports. We learn, it means that we are well done. It is very important to feel comfortable.

Not necessarily to learn foreign languages ​​or get another higher education. The process itself is important: Read Professional Literature to Develop Skills. Go to culinary courses. Read scientific and popular and art books. Recognize new knitting schemes or make original bike storage coasters.

If you are not interested in the topic, do not learn it only because you have already started. Go to the lesson that gives the brain pleasure. It is even useful to change classes, because so you have to switch between different activities.

3. Move

To move, you can not go to the gym or on a jog. It is important that the body worked, and how exactly the question of choice. Someone like team games like volleyball, someone prefers to dance, and someone – walk with a dog. Activity is necessary not only for the body, but also for the brain.

Problems with the psyche, even the most minor – this is the same chemistry as all the processes in the body. Physical culture – a way to regulate these chemical processes with the development of hormones that are allocated in response to actions.

One more plus – when we are engaged in sports, then think it’s great. Sport – reason to be proud of yourself, another reason for which it is worth loving.

  • Pick up the sport that you like.
  • Start engaged regularly.
  • Be sure to fix how you change.

4. Do good

It’s easier than it seems. Do not even look for old women to translate them across the road, or sacrifice part of the salary in the funds.

Say "Thank you" to the bus driver who brought you to work in the morning to work, wish good morning a security guard, smile at the cashier in the supermarket. It is easy, and the brain enters such actions in the "Good Deeds" piggy bank, and this acts on the same chemistry as sports.

Second Level – Simple Help. Explain the newcomer at work, as it is easier to cope with the tasks, help the parent committee at school, convey the elderly products to the door, help parents with a carriage climb into public transport.

If you have a desire to do more, you can join volunteer activity, just first appreciate your strength.

5. Do not pass away from reality

For mental health, it is important to live in the present, without thinking about the past and that it did not happen (and may never happen).

Need to live in the present, feel and your body. Some call this state awareness.

This is a state at which you know exactly what is happening around you and with you. Only it seems that it is simple, but actually requires attention to yourself and uncompromising honesty. For example, understand why you are angry: not because of the fact that homemade again was not washed with dishes, but because you are annoyed from the morning because of the failure at work, and now just looking for a reason to spill out irritation.

Thanks to the awareness, we make the right decisions, because we understand all the circumstances and know what we want. Awareness is not just a beautiful word, but a way to perceive life. It is needed for our mental health.

5 Steps to mental health

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