5 The lessons of confidence that can be obtained in the simulator room

I began to attend a gym as needed. Almost half a year I constantly experienced pain. I walked around many doctors who could not understand what was with me and why I do not stop hurting the bottom of the back and legs. All experts gave the same advice: you need to be taken for the program of exercise. I would know if it would affect my self-confidence ..

But at first I didn’t like this idea at all. I thought it was just ridiculous to force someone who was so tormented from pain, and still doing exercises. But still I wrote down in the gym. The first week was like hell. I was dreamed later after a few minutes on the treadmill, although a person who fled next, just hardly breathing even after half an hour. After classes, the whole body is even stronger than the back.

Sometimes, to make it better, you need to suffer.

But after two weeks of classes I really began to feel better. And for 3 years I have been constantly visiting a gym: it helps to remove pain and tension. And today I want to share the lessons that made sports from your experience.

1. You will learn how to make important decisions

You must decide for yourself that you are ready to pass something unpleasant before it happens to what you strive for. My decision to engage in the gym was selfish. I’m tired of pain and wanted to feel better. And when I decided, I became more confident.

When you understand what purpose you want to achieve, make the right choice much easier.

2. You will start better treat yourself and understand where to move on

Self-confidence is the ability to really trust yourself and pay a minimum of what others think.

I started lifting gravity from scratch. I was not in shape, experienced pain. My goal was simple: I’m starting to slowly improve, following the advice of coaches. So when I approached the power simulator, there was not a single kilogram on it. First of all, I thought about how to bring myself into the form. Of course, I thought that people probably had funny look at me when I "raise gravity" at all without weight. But I was still.

If someone laughed at me, I did not feel anything but sympathy for them. I understood why I do: to become stronger and healthier. It meant that you have to start with the Niza himself and lay your way. I learned to live in my own pace and my own life. I began to improve my inner compass, realizing that it does not matter me what others think.

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I understand, sometimes uncomfortable in the hall, where so many people are in great shape. But over time you will understand that it is not so important, they look at you or not. You will also learn that many of them are kind people. I remember how it was terribly asked to help with a simulator. And vain.

Training teach you to deal with people who seem very confident in themselves. And communicating with them, you yourself are more confident.

Soon you will be confident by a person in great shape and will seem frightening new newcomer. Be friendly and remember where you came from, like those who were here before you.

3. You will learn what gratitude

Good health is a gift. Perspective to lose health scares. Everyone who finds himself in a situation like mine understands this and ready to do everything you need to save this gift.

5 The lessons of confidence that can be obtained in the simulator room

Every day, when I do not feel pain, I feel gratitude. Every time I go to the hall and then I feel pleasant fatigue, I am grateful for the excellent training session and with the benefit of spent time. With gratitude for health comes and the desire to act to save him. So, engage in 3 times a week 52 weeks a year.

4. You will learn to be organized

The right decision to which you follow several months will learn a lot in terms of discipline. Usually so that some actions are in habit, it takes about a month.

I applied the same principle when I started a list of thanks. Three times a day I sit down and write about 5 things for 5 minutes for which I am grateful.

These 5 minutes make me think about the future and where I want to be. This adds me confidence in myself and encourages daily measures to achieve goals.

5. You will move slowly, consciously

Usually, muscular people move more slowly, and that is, the reason: when lifting weights, they deliberately strain and relax those muscles who want to develop. When moving slowly, less likely to get damage, especially if you work with a lot of weight. One wrong movement can lead to a serious injury that will disturb not one week.

When we think about a fussy, impulsive person, he does not seem to us confident: he moves without a goal and tries to have time everywhere. When imagine a leisurely person, you think that he has a rod, he knows where and why goes.

When you are engaged in sports, your body becomes stronger, more susceptible to loads and resistant to disease. But what is most importantly, you learn to believe in yourself, otherwise look at life, a desire to develop yourself as a person appears. Thanks to the training hall in the gym you can see yourself from the new side.

5 The lessons of confidence that can be obtained in the simulator room

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