5 things that will happen to you after the failure of sugar

First of all it is necessary to make some clarity in what I mean by the words "the exclusion of sugar from the diet". Of course, it is impossible to abandon completely from the whole sweet: sugar is part of such a number of products that it would take to invent a special diet, which, as I suspect, would not be too useful for health.

But try to follow the recommendations of WHO calls the countries to reduce the consumption of sugars adults and children of WHO who urge to limit the consumption of sugar in such a way as to receive from it no more than 5% of the total calorie per day, it is quite possible. To do this, it is enough to stop drinking sugar with drinks, abandon the soda and limit the number of confectionery products. And that’s what happens to you when you do it.

1. You will become healthier and energetic

Many people know that sugar is a source of glucose, which is needed by the body for replenishing energy. With a low level of sugar in the blood, a person feels fatigue, becomes inacked and can even lose consciousness. But no less dangerous is the high level of sugar in the blood of man, which is observed almost all of the sweet bowls. This may cause serious metabolic disorders.

2. Your weight stabilizes

Immediately after you limit the consumption of sweet, you will start discharge. And the point here is not only that sugar is a source of calories in itself. It is most often part of the high-calorie dishes: baking, confectionery, fast food, dairy desserts and so on. Restricting their consumption, you will easily and naturally get rid of extra kilograms.

3. Your intestine will work fine

While your brain gets pleasure from the next sweet pastry, to fade away for everything accounted for a gastrointestinal tract. After all, the splitting of sugar occurs in the intestine, and its excess breaks the work of the enzymes of the stomach, intestines and pancreas. If you refuse sweet and replacing it on foods having increased fiber content, you are surprised to find that your intestine began to work literally as the Swiss watch.

5 Things that will happen to you after the failure of sugar

4. You will stop constantly wanting to eat "Something Sweet"

The mechanism of functioning of sugar addiction is no different from narcotic. You eat sweets – your brain is enjoyable – you are having the next. And so as long as in the zone of your reach there is something sweet. Positive news is that it is still possible to break this circle. Once you change your diet, please note that sweet you want less and less, and soon you will be surprised to look at all these strange people around, which absorb the mountains of sweets.

5. You will learn the real taste of products

You carefully choose the exquisite grade of tea, and then put some sugar spoons into the cup? You consider yourself an expert on coffee, but you can not drink it without sweet? If you are affiringally responding to these and similar questions, I have a rush to inform you that you, unfortunately, do not know these beautiful drinks. Like many other products that for some reason it is accepted to squeeze a fair amount of sugar. Yes, first time can be unusual, but only two weeks will pass, no more, and you will remember your last "sweet" life like a terrible dream.

5 Things that will happen to you after the failure of sugar

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