5 tips for successful direct esters in Instagram

Among your subscribers will surely be a person who needs exactly what you do. He will see the expert in you and thinks that it would be nice to contact you. Live online communication is much more convincing than any content in posts and Stories.

To show your expense

If you are publicly speaking with themes from your professional field, you will increase your level of confidence in the eyes of subscribers. Even more on the audience affects joint live broadcasts with other professionals from your industry. This means that your expense is recognized by other market professionals.

To increase your chances to appear on TV

Charismatic and active speaker it is easier to be on television – editors and producers of television programs often turn on content in social networks. Why spiker perform on television? The fact is that the our audience still has a strong conviction: if a person is shown through the federal channel, it means that he can trust.

To get free Promotion

Live ether do not suggest additional spending. No expenses for advertising and marketing – you just have to come up with the topic, declare the air subscribers and broadcast.

How to successfully conduct live ether in Instagram

1. Get ready for a speech

  • Pay attention to the background of you: Let it be a wardrobe with books or a monophonic wall.
  • Use the phone with a good camera, lock it using a tripod or any other support. Do not allow no longer noise.
  • Make sure that you will be perfectly visible and audible. Stable Internet, a sufficient amount of memory on the phone and the updated version of the application will ensure uninterrupted broadcast.
  • Write a speech timing plan, check all the key points that plan to illuminate.
  • Be sure to appear to the audience and mark the topic – among the audience there may be those who do not know you or sees for the first time. And this is especially true when you spend a joint broadcast with another speaker.
  • Secure the topic of ether. To do this, write it in the comments, clamp the text and select "Attach the comment".
  • Keep track of time. Recommended broadcast time is no more than 40 minutes. If you notice that the number of viewers decreases, then the ether can be completed earlier than planned.
5 Tips for successful direct esters in Instagram

2. Conduct joint esters

Arrange joint broadcasts with other speakers, choosing the topics for you. Such a format of communication with subscribers appeared recently, but quickly became popular, because the collaborations allow the speakers to present themselves to another audience. Convenient comparison format – "Question – Answer" or Interview. When transferring the word to another participant, voicate it so that it does not work so that you speak at the same time.

Another option is to conduct a broader with the viewer, inviting to participate an active subscriber who has a lot of laques and comments. Invite him to share the view on the topic of the air or ask to tell about the experience of interaction with your product.

3. Announce ether

Tell you in advance about the broadcast subscribers: Publish a separate post or announce the ether in Stories. Do not forget to choose an optimal time for ether – for this, look at the account statistics and find out when your subscribers are most active. As a rule, a good time – in the evening on weekdays.

Be sure to organize a promotion for the audience – offer promotional code for your store or discount on your services, saying about it in advance. On the air, you can declare a new product or service before the information appears on the official website.

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You can add a countdown timer to Stories and encourage the audience to subscribe to it – subscribers will come notification of the early ether. Also, for additional attraction of the public, you can launch targeted advertising for the post with an announcement of ether.

4. Get feedback

One of the main advantages of direct esters is the ability to ask the speaker questions online. If you do not have a lot of viewers, then answer all questions that arise. If the broadcast is watching hundreds or thousands of people, then choose the most relevant and useful many questions among questions.

To invite an audience for discussion, you can place the sticker in advance with the question in Stories, I wrote: "What to tell on the air?"," What is interesting to know?"During the broadcast, do not forget to answer the most interesting comments. And ask the audience themselves questions or ask to express your opinion. To not be distracted by the negative, activate the filter "Throw off offensive comments" in the settings.

Do not forget about the call to action in the Ether Final: Offer Subscribe to your other Pages in social networks, write to Direct, follow the link or take the promotion.

5. Build an audience

If you want to attract the maximum number of participants to a specific ether, then the FOMO effect will help you (eng. Fear of Missing Out) – missed benefit syndrome. Notify that you will not save the air record, and then subscribers will not want to skip it, and you will receive many viewers in real time.

If you have the plans to expand the coverages in the long run, keep broadcasting in Stories, add to IGTV or publish an entry on YouTube and other video stations.

It is important to know: the more often you are in a live broadcast, the larger user number of users shows Instagram. For organic growth, it is advisable to make broadcasts no less than once a week.

Live ethers in Instagram – a great advanced tool that allows you to be in touch with subscribers, create "live" content and please the audience of feedback. Do not miss this opportunity.

5 Tips for successful direct esters in Instagram

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