6 inspirational stories that prove that the 2020 is not so bad

The idea to disassemble the bookshelf ripe in me not one month. The last drop was the brawling eye stack of books on the windowsill – another place for storage in my small apartment was no longer!

I immediately knew that I would play a large. In my home library at that time there were about 1,000 volumes. Most – read, but were inherited by copies, to which the hand was simply not yet drawn.

As a result, I took out about 600-700 books and began to add them through Instagram. Thought that this social network would be the most effective way to reach the reading audience.

And it worked! I wrote not only subscribers, but also random users – friends of my friends. The story ceased to be local when part of the books went to Perm to a new mistress, and the classic novel "Pride and Prejudice" flew to Ulyanovsk to my friend-pilot.

Collapse of the bookshelves lasted a little more than a month. All we attached about 200 books – and this is a success! Three more and four hundred moved to permanent residence in the city library. They are very happy about them.

2. Story about a fluffy friend

About the dog we thought about my heart for a long time. Even traveled in the 2019th to help the shelter and looked at any puppies in him, but then it did not work out. And we have periodically periodically, raids for a few weeks, there was one wonderful dog breed of the West Highland White Terrier by Nick Gai. Therefore, we were in a suspended condition: it seems there is a dog, and it seems not.

Quarantine put everything in his place: Guy went to the main owner, and we realized that we had no reason without a dog, and began to be determined with those whom we want to start. Came to the conclusion that we want a small and moderately active dog. And the main thing is that she gets along with Gaha, who can still come to us. The circle was immediately narrowed to several breeds. And then I remembered how one day I saw a dog on the street, very similar to the West Highland, but some sullen something, playful and completely charming. So I started looking for and found a core terrier breed.

The more I read, the more I understood that it was ideal for our family breed. Compact, but independent, easy to take with you on a trip – in transport, hotel, but at the same time it is quite withstanding long walks.

Calling all the kennels, I stopped on one. And half-year expectation began: the first three months – the appearance of puppies on the light, the second – as long as they get fixed and they can be taken home. As a result, we have moved in August in August to us.

Oatmeal, if you try to describe in several words, – affectionate, restless and yourself on the mind. Teach teach her like, but only when there is a mood. We plan to give it to school for puppies so that it becomes also obedient. This is not my first dog, I can confidently say: life with four-legged friend is the best thing in the world!

Cool events and new impressions must be imprinted – then they can be shared with close. In order for the picture quality to be at the height, a smartphone with a cool camera, such as OPPO Reno4 Pro. He has three lens of the main chamber, the front camera with a resolution of 32 MP, laser autofocus, smart portrait mode and an Ultra Night algorithm, allowing you to make clear photos even deeply at night.

OPPO Reno4 Pro is good for video. Ultra Steady Video 3 mode.0 stabilizes the picture, so there will be no shaking and jumping frames: even when it does not work exactly how to keep the smartphone. In addition, it supports the 5G network, has an incredibly fast charge rate – only 37 minutes – and double linear stereo speakers with Dolby ATMOS technology.

3. History about home comfort

News about the transition to the distance I was delighted immediately. We have a cool office (was), but I got to him one way and a half. Came home usually closer to 21:00, when children are already sleepy and in pajamas. Felt that losing precious time! Remote allowed me to accompany them to school and time to go together in the afternoon, and I also began to actively play sports. Previously came and fell as a face in a pillow – the road strongly pulled out. And now four times a week I go to the sports club near the house.

One of the main advantages for me will probably look pretty strange for everyone else. We have a dog from the shelter: when we only took Hope, she was absolutely not able to stay alone and went to the whole entrance. My husband and I survived a thousand and one offensive message from the neighbors in Telegram, took place in turn and worked out of the house, bought a tunon of different toys and snacks, a cynological course was passed, but there were still drying. Now Hope whole day can lie in my legs when I work, and she is calm. And therefore me (and also my neighbors!).

I needed six months to feel that I missed colleagues. We often communicate in the conversion, with someone even every day, but it seems to come by the moment when you already want to hug everyone, and not just hear. Large half of the Edu Technophobia is in Ulyanovsk – we have not seen them at all almost a year! Miss you guys. But it is ready to confess to be honest: I really like the remote and I absolutely do not want to go back to the office.

4. The story of justified efforts

I decided to become a graphic designer in the 10th grade. First, I like to draw and I studied this year from 11, secondly, the profession is in demand. With a university, I also decided quickly – chose Urgahu: I’m from Chelyabinsk, and the university is in neighboring Yekaterinburg, plus there one of the best graphic design faculties in Russia.

Pandemic played me on hand: remote study in the second half of the 11th grade is just a gift. Time to prepare for exams has become more. I was fully dedicated to his studies with a tutor in our and literature in the Kazan online school, as well as the study of academic drawing and composition with the teacher in his city.

For communication with friends and stay almost no time. But the result ultimately pleased: I didn’t have less than 90 points for a single exam – neither the exam at school, nor for introductory universities. Nevertheless, while the results were counted, I almost did not touch. It was on the upper lines of the table in the ranking of their specialty, but constantly thought that now the points of another applicant and everything – hello, handkerchief. But the excitement turned out to be in vain. Now I am a first-year student, learning for free, I live in a hostel. Every day I am engaged in creativity – it is incredibly cool!

5. The story of the long-awaited meeting

6 Inspirational stories that prove that the 2020 is not so bad

I live in Italy almost four years. Nevertheless, with the family, we usually see 2-3 times a year, or even more. Then I come to Russia, then they are in Italy. And here did not meet for whole year and a half – this is a record!

In the 2020th I planned to go to Voronezh as usual in spring. But in Italy, Kovid began in the first of Western countries – I did not want to expose close dangers. Then the question disappeared by itself, because Introduced Lokdaun and airplanes stopped flying. In summer the situation has improved, some flights recovered, and I started looking for tickets.

In Sheremetyev, I was met dad and sister. I tried not to hug them, because I flew from afar and in contact with people, but it was useless: I still got me offen. Then I passed the test for Coronavirus, after receiving a negative result could meet with other relatives. It was very nice to finally see live, and not through the screens of smartphones. The most cute was when I went home: Brother fled to meet me, clogging.

In Russia, I stayed two months. Everyone was spoiled me with delicious food: Mom was preparing the falafel and my favorite cauliflower in cream, dad fry potatoes and made the okroshka, grandmother baked pancakes. I also made them all sorts of Italian pieces, such as risotto with pumpkin and chocolate cake with a pear. Spent a lot of time with his brother (he was 12 years old), played in the prefix, walked with a dog, together trained.

My whole family lives in Voronezh, and sister in Moscow. Went to her several times. We walked around the city together and went to the monument to Like! There are few people who know about him, but my husband very much asked me to go there – this is a dog that died in space for the sake of science during the USSR. In general, it was cool, but at the end I missed the house in Italy, my husband and the cat (which during my absence turned into a huge cat).

6. History about opening horizons

This summer, I discovered Russia and very glad – our country is beautiful. For the year I visited:

  • Sochi. There I used to do it before, but my brother moved to the Red Polyana, so there was an opportunity to live. In addition, the brother is already there as a local and shows all sorts of trails and places of protected, which is always more interesting. Plus, this time went on the mountains – I really like this all this story.
  • St. Petersburg and Baltic (Komarovo). Peter traditionally I do not like, but from the Baltic was in the utter delight. Probably the first place where I wanted to build a house and stay. Cold sea, white sand and huge pines – stunning combination, coupled with silence and tranquility.
  • Pushkin Mountains and Pskov. Here I drove golden autumn. I did not expect such beauty there to meet! To live Pushkin there was probably very boring, but incredibly picturesque.
  • And a lot went around Moscow, Now I’m not remembering all the places. Twice went to a tiny trip – Rather, a small walking route with a night in a tent on the banks of the reservoir. I liked it very much, since the time of the student, the tent did not spend the night and, it seems, even grown out for these two flaps.

And I decided to try something new. Initially gave a certificate to a young man on a parachute jump. And herself, of course, immediately wanted to jump. I am easy to decide on such things, because I love it all and I’m not completely afraid. I really liked it. Such a surge of adrenaline I have never happened. I plan to learn next year to jump yourself, without an instructor.

In addition, I went to learn to ride a motorcycle. Again for the company with a young man and brother. But honestly, it was not able to make it easily: once in the winter fell from a bike in Tae and now, each time sitting behind the wheel, I remember this fall. Therefore, I decided to stop and try later, maybe let go. But the young man learned, and we actively rode a motorcycle in the Moscow region.

No trip today is without a smartphone. Ideally, he should be not only functional, but still thin and light, so that it is convenient to carry it with you. The OPPO Reno4 Lite smartphone weighs only 164 grams, and its thickness is only 7.48 millimeters. Such and in hand to keep comfortable, and in the pocket of jeans easily.

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6 Inspirational stories that prove that the 2020 is not so bad

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