Aliexpress and not only: the most interesting finds of the day

Aliexpress is a sale "Results of the Year". Buyers offering discounts on the most popular and rapidly gaining turns of brands this year. The site has a "coupon center". The action will last until January 1 (10:59 Moscow time).

For additional savings, use promotions:

  • Admitad200dec – 200 dollars discount when ordering from $ 1,600 for all buyers;
  • Admitad100dec – 100 dollars discount when ordering from $ 800 for all buyers;
  • Admitad350dec – $ 350 discount when ordering from $ 2,800 for all buyers;
  • Admitad12new – $ 250 discount when ordering from 1,000 dollars for new buyers.

Proclaims are valid until December 31 upon delivery to Russia and the CIS countries, not including Ukraine.

Umidigi A9 Pro (-21%)

Smartphone with a 6.3-inch display, MediaTek Helio P60 processor, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. Equipped with a triple main chamber with sensors for 32, 16, 5 and 5 megapixel, as well as a front camera with a 24 meters sensor. It feeds from the battery for 4 150 mA · h. Android 10 is used as an operating system.0.

Price: 11 442 → 9 105 dollars.

Xiaomi AX1800 router (-14%)

Router with dual-band antenna omnidirectional action. There is support for OFDMA and MU-MIMO technologies for a stable simultaneous connection to 128 devices, as well as support for the 802 standard.11AX (Wi-Fi 6), the total data transfer rate can reach 1,775 Mbps.

Price: 4 413 → 3 804 ruble.

External Battery Baseus (-13%)

Battery with a capacity of 30,000 mA · h (nominal – 18,000 mA · h). Able to give up to 65 watts through the USB-C port. Such power will be enough to recharging most popular Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Dell laptop models and many others. Also in this battery there are four USB-A ports. Three of them give up to 15 W and one – 30 W. And the charge of the Powerbank itself can be replenished using USB-C, MicroUSB or Lightning ports. PowerBank supports all the most common rapid charging standards: Quick Charge 3.0, Power Delivery 3.0, FCP, SCP and AFC.

Price: 4 146 → 3 641 ruble.

UGREEN WS100 headphones (-17%)

Internal headphones support Bluetooth 5.0 and work with APTX and AAC codecs. The housing is protected from moisture according to the IPX5 standard – the gadget will not break from sweat, rain and water splashes. The capacity of the batteries is enough for about 10 hours of listening to music, and with charge from Case – for 27 hours. The case fills the stock of energy through USB-C to 100% in a couple of hours, and headphones in 1.5 hours.

Price: 2 892 → 2 403 ruble.


Smart Watch Huawei Watch Fit (-24%)

Smart Watch Huawei Watch Fit is equipped with a 1.64-inch sensory amoled-screen with a resolution of 456 × 280 pixels, Bluetooth 5 modules.0 and GPS. The gadget is able to monitor the pulse around the clock and monitor the blood saturation level by oxygen.

The device supports 11 professional sports modes: from running and sailing to cycling. In addition, there are 85 user modes for different types of activities. The clock counts passed steps, burned calories, determine the quality of sleep, stress level and other indicators.

Watch Fit accept notifications from the smartphone, and also allow you to manage music playback and camera. The housing of the clock is protected from moisture according to the WR50 standard: you can wash your hands, the clock is not afraid of rain and short-term immersion on a small depth. Battery capacity is enough for about 10 days of active work.

Price: 8 490 → 6 490 dollars.

Toothbrush Braun Oral-B 2500 / D501.513.2x (-47%)

Electric brush that processes teeth with a speed of 40,000 pulsations per second. The device supports two modes: the daily cleaning of the enamel from the fall and residues of food, care for sensitive zones and ads.

For ease of use, the brush is equipped with two timers with sound signals: to change the impact area every 30 seconds and to finish cleaning after 2 minutes of operation. Functions offline about 56 minutes.

Price: 7 990 → 4 290 dollars.

Publishing House "Myth"

Biohaking Brain, Dave Espiri (-42%)

Verified plan for maximum pumping of your thinking in two weeks.

In his book, Dave Espyr is divided by ways to improve brain. Biohaking Brain will allow readers to bring thinking to a new level – to make it more sharp, clear and rapid. Sophisticated topics and spheres will cease to seem impregnable, and for the day you will have more time, and worry less.

Price: 1 214 → 728 dollars.

"Month at the limit", Jessie Butler (-40%)

How I lived and trained with a special forces.

Aliexpress and not only the most interesting finds of the day 32

Jesse Entrepreneur and Marathonets decided to change his life and hired a former "sea cat" for personal training. Butler got much more than expected: not only his physical form changed, but also a look at the world and himself.

This diary describes a month of exercise, special forces comments, running in any weather and other interesting stories from life. The book raises the mood, inspires to become stronger, do more and dream bolder.

Price: 1 201 → 721 ruble.

"Understanding mind", Joe Bowler (-40%)

Learn, teach and live without restrictions.

Professor Stanford University Joe Bowler for several decades studied as stereotypes and bias affect the success of schoolchildren and students. In this book, it cites six key skills necessary for continuous development.

Our achievements are no longer dependent on congenital abilities, but on the nature of the preparation and complexity of tasks that stimulate the production of myelin shell covering nerve fibers.

With this substance, the speed and accuracy of the passage of nerve impulses increase. The more difficult task, the stronger will be a myelin shell.

The book will help those who have a desire to develop their mental abilities.

Price: 1 201 → 721 ruble.


FILA jacket (-50%)

Warm coat in a sports-style with adjustable hood, chest and two side pockets. The lower part of the model can be disbanded, turning clothes in a short jacket.

Price: 8 999 → 4 499 dollars.

Sweethot Puma (-50%)

Natural cotton sweatshirt with print in the form of a puma logo. In stock Dimensions from 42nd to 48th.

Price: 4 799 → 2 399 dollars.

Promotional and promotions

1. "Yandex.Market shopping » – Discount up to 6,000 dollars on MSI laptops in promotion msiny6000.

2. "LITRES" – 25% discount on the whole catalog and book as a gift until December 31.

3. Yves Rocher – New Year’s gift sets with discounts up to 40%.

4. Guess – Sale of male and women’s clothing with discounts up to 50%.

5. NYX – Additional discount of 10% for orders in promotion Admitadny. Summed with other discounts on the site.

6. "Son’s daughters" – Big sale with discounts up to 70% per thousand goods.

note! All prices are valid at the time of publication of the selection. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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