Aliexpress and not only: the most interesting finds of the day

On Aliexpress lasts the sale "Black Friday". Buyers offer discounts up to 70% for all categories, including bestsellers and a section with goods, the cost of which dropped to minimum values ​​for the last 30 days. Also, the action is valid for goods with fast delivery from Russia. In addition, the site has a "coupon center" and a page with special packs. The action will last until November 28 (10:59 Moscow time).

For additional savings, use promotions:

  • Lifehacker11all200 – 200 dollars discount when ordering in the amount of 1,000 dollars;
  • Admitad250BF20 – $ 250 discount when ordering in the amount of $ 2,000;
  • Admitad300BF20 – $ 300 discount when ordering in the amount of 3,000 dollars.

VIVO IQOO Z1 (-12%)

The smartphone is equipped with a 6.57-inch display with a frequency of upgrading 144 Hz, an eight-year processor MediaTek 1000 Plus, 6 GB of RAM and a 128 GB storage. The main camera uses sensors on 48, 8 and 2 megapixel, and frontal – 16 megapixel.

Power provides a battery for 4,500 mA · h. With most games, the device will cope at high graphics settings. Supports fast charging at power up to 44 W.

Price: 26 915 → 23,645 dollars.

Projector SmartLdea S1080 (-16%)

Full-HD projector capable of handling 4K video. The device can output a diagonal from 53 to 200 inches, and also supports the correction of trapezoidal distortion.

There are HDMI, VGA and USB interfaces for connecting to a media executing or computer. To play audio in the projector – Built-in speakers, but also there is an AV interface for an external audio system.

Included with the projector Seller offers booking a TV console H96 Max on Android 9.0, which has wider capabilities in the processing of media files and connect external devices compared to the projector itself.

Price: 17 150 → $ 14,398.

QCY QS1 headphones (-20%)

Bluetooth-in-ear headphones 5.0 and built-in microphone take a signal within a radius to 10 m. Battery capacity is enough about 4 hours listening to music, and charging time is 2 hours.

Price: 1 089 → 923 ruble.

Yandex.Market shopping

Designer LEGO STAR WARS (-26%)

Designer LEGO STAR WARS 75288 AT-AT of 1,267 parts includes a model of a rolling step and six mini-figures. This is a great gift for children aged 10 years and even adult fans of "Star Wars".

AT-AT accomplice is equipped with guns with a spring mechanism that opens cabin, bottom hatch, folding panels and an internal compartment with a hidden speder. The characters from the kit include the figurines of Skywalker, General Wimers, two pilots of a step and two attack aircraft.

Price: 11 006 → 8 194 ruble.

Bluetooth Column Harman Kardon (-40%)

A small column Harman Kardon Esquire Mini 2 in a thin metal case with a built-in microphone is useful for conference calls and listening to music. Esquire Mini 2 runs about 10 hours from the battery, which can be used as an external battery. Complete Cable USB-C and Carrying Case.

Price: 5 990 → 3,590 dollars.


Electropotage AEG (-9%)

Rechargeable dyeing is useful when assembling furniture, computers and any other complex designs. She has 10 levels of torque adjustment for different density of materials for screws or for drilling. The maximum torque is 6.5 nm. The position of the handle can be changed by 90 ° for comfortable work in different positions.

The tool supports two speeds (200 and 600 revolutions per minute) to twist and unscrewing fasteners. Spindle can be blocked for cheating screws manually when the engine power is not enough. Includes there are two batteries with a voltage of 3.6 V and a capacity of 1.5 a · h, each hour is needed for charging.

Price: 6 582 → 5 990 dollars.

Ryobi rechargeable corner grinder (-10%)

Bulgarian Ryobi R18AG-0 One + is equipped with a rotary protective casing that can be quickly adjusted for different positions without the help of tools. The model is suitable for cutting reinforcement, metal profile, trimming stone and grinding various surfaces.

The maximum rotation frequency is 7,500 rpm. Grinder is equipped with a spindle lock for quick shift snap. Device weight – 2.2 kg. Ryobi R18AG-0 ONE + works with circles with a diameter of 115 mm. The removable rubber coating handle can be fixed in three positions for convenient operation. The tool is powered by the Universal Battery Ryobi One + 18 W, it is not included.

Price: 5 040 → 4 536 dollars.

Publishing House "Myth"

"Visualize work", Dominica Degrandis (-50%)

How to reveal the time spells and optimize processes.

Time is one of our most valuable resources. But we do not bear it, and this is done not only individual people, but also whole organizations. We are constantly engaged in something, but at the same time often do not achieve the desired result. The author of this book offers to visualize work processes to achieve greater efficiency.

Aliexpress and not only the most interesting finds of the day 47

The main part of the book is a guide and business argument to accelerate processes with the help of leaning production methods, Kanban and flow. The author helps to identify the main "rafts" of the time, to understand the true state of the case with the help of metrics, eliminate malicious practices and seek the goals.

Price: 1 333 → 667 dollars.

"One habit of a week", Brett Bluless (-50%)

Change yourself for the year.

In this book, Brett Blumen tells how to strengthen health, improve memory and increase productivity, developing the brain. She proposes to make one change per week.

For example, begin to use food useful for the brain or develop a musical hearing. Gradually compiled on the basis of scientific research Tips and exercises will help the reader to come to a happier life.

Price: 1 267 → 634 ruble.

"Flexible Mind", ESTANISLAO BACHRA (-50%)

How to see things otherwise and think non-standard.

This book will open in front of the reader the secrets and receptions that will help him become a happier and creative person and maintain the sharpness of the mind until old age.

ESTANISLAO BACHRA DISABLES OF THE MIFES ON THE BRAIN AND Shows that there are still very many areas unknown for us. He especially allocates the ability of our main body to imagine and create new ideas.

Price: 1 188 → 594 ruble.

Pigment Painment Foil Play Pigment Palette (-30%)

Pagtomen with bright pearl shades and cream texture. Saturated pigments can be enjoyed and growing, performing eye makeup and face, as well as body art.

Price: 1 250 → 875 dollars.

Matte Lipstick Soft Matte Lip Cream (-30%)

Cream lipstick with an applicator combines light texture of gloss and saturation of ordinary lipstick. She softens and smoothes gentle lip skin. The tint palette includes natural and bright tones for an unusual image.

Price: 690 → 483 ruble.

Promotional and promotions

1. NYX – 30% discount on all goods, including new products and bestsellers until November 30.

2. "LITRES" – 30% discount on the best books of the year from AST publishing house.

3. Lamoda – Discounts up to 80% for men and women’s clothing, as well as an additional discount on some products in promotion Black20.

4. Goods.Ru – with discounts you can buy automotive discs and tires until November 30 inclusive. Use promotional promotions when designing to reduce the order cost:

  • Shiny1000 – $ 1,000 discount when buying from 10,000 dollars;
  • shiny4000 – $ 4,000 discount when buying from 20,000 dollars;
  • Shiny6000 – $ 6,000 discount when buying from 30,000 dollars;
  • Shiny8000 – $ 8,000 discount when buying from 40,000 dollars.

note! All prices are valid at the time of publication of the selection. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

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