Aliexpress and not only: the most interesting finds of the day

Smartphone on Android 10.0 with 6.2-inch screen, processor Helio A22, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB storage. The main camera uses sensors by 12, 5, 2 and 0.3 Mp, and frontal – 20 meters. Power provides a battery for 4,200 mA · h. With games, the device will cope with the minimum and medium graphics settings. Supports NFC.

Price: 9 272 → 8 130 dollars.

Screwdriver Yikoda (-18%)

Battery drill-screwdriver in a durable case with torque adjustment, smooth control of the rotational speed and illumination of the workspace. The device is protected from overheating and withstand falling from a small height.

Price: 2 122 → 1 753 ruble.

Headphones AnomoIBuds IP010 Plus (-21%)

Wireless headphones support Bluetooth 5.0 and give high-quality sound for its price. The package includes a PowerBank case for 2 600 mA · h. Capacity of built-in batteries (50 mA · h) enough for 10 hours of operation. The case can recharge not only headphones, but also smartphones via USB-C.

Price: 1 923 → 1,518 dollars.

Inface MS2000 face massager brush (-23%)

Electronic face massagers with waterproof housing. Supports three velocity modes, carefully cleans the skin, eliminates dead particles and improves blood circulation. The device is running from the built-in battery and charges via USB cable. Battery capacity is 400 mA · h.

Price: 1 645 → 1 264 ruble.


Day of entertainment in the park of active recreation (-40%)

On the territory of the Moscow shopping center "Edelweiss", in the family park of active recreation Joki Joya, there are discounts for the whole day of entertainment on weekdays and on weekends. The coupon rate includes visits to maze, tarzanka, pneumatic pillows for jumping from height, slide, climbing and many other areas of physical activity.

Price: 590 → 354 ruble.

Courses on the study of foreign languages ​​(-78%)

Online schools offer dozens of training programs in foreign languages ​​with discounts. Courses are distinguished by the volume of available information, duration and methods of teaching.

The most affordable offers help to increase the vocabulary, and currency rates not only allow you to cover more directions, but also make it possible to choose languages ​​to explore. Pupils get access to interactive lessons, video decks and colloquial practices.

Price: 459 → 100 dollars.

El Dorado

Honor 30i (-20%)

Honor 30i is equipped with a 6.3-inch amoled display, KIRIN 710F processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB ROM. Here is the main chamber with three sensors on 48, 8 and 2 megapixel, as well as the frontal to 16 MP. Battery capacity – 4,000 mA · h. Smartphone supports NFC.

Price: 17 990 → 14 392 ruble with promotional Secret20.

PHILIPS FC8294 / 01 vacuum cleaner (-34%)

The vacuum cleaner with a maximum power of 2,000 W has a built-in filter of fine cleaning, which catches and holds most of the small particles of dust, preventing them from entering the air.

The kit comes the nozzle for cleaning hard-to-reach places, floors and carpets. The garbage is assembled in bags of 3 l, which are withstanding multiple use. The light indicator shows when you need to clean the capacity.

Price: 8 990 → 5 990 dollars.

Publishing House "Myth"

"Do not miss your life", Frank Berbsbach (-42%)

Practice awareness in creativity.

In this book, a useful experience for people who seek to live and engage in creativity, without plunging into a useless routine. She will help to cope with their studies and work so that the reader can realize himself.

There is always a danger of burnout, overwork and fear before lack of ideas. But Frank Berpbach offers to find its own way and live according to its rules, so as not to be contracted in the bunch of aimless existence.

Price: 1 195 → 693 ruble.

SuperBetter, Jane McGonigal (-42%)

You are a hero of my own story.

Jane McGonyigal talks about how gaming thinking helps to cope with problems, anxiety and depression. On the example of its game SuperBetter, it shows how to use the strengths, find the most effective strategies for solving problems and achieve goals in life.

The book will help to reveal and explode optimism, courage, purposefulness and creativity.

Price: 1 175 → 682 ruble.

"Motivation for creative people", Mark McGennes (-42%)

Four elements that are successful.

Aliexpress and not only the most interesting finds of the day 65

Book for those who seek to move on the creative career ladder. She tells almost all the psychological difficulties that are found on this path. And gives advice on how to cope with them.

The author of the work is a famous poet and successful coach. For more than 20 years, he has been helped by people of creative professions to cope with crises, lack of motivation and procrastination.

As Mark McGinness himself says, his goal is in this book – to help the reader overcome any obstacles. To do this, he uses research on psychology related to the nature of creativity.

Price: 1 125 → 653 ruble.


Blush from Clarins (-35%)

Compact blush with soft powdered texture based on plant extracts and natural minerals. The collection consists of six shades that are suitable for any type of skin and hair color.

Included there is a small brush with a natural tightly stuffed pile for easy apparent texture.

Price: 2 800 → 1,820 dollars.

AHC Premium Hydra B5 Washing Foam (-40%)

Penka for washing cleans, moisturizes, nourishes and soothes dry and sensitive skin. The composition includes a hyaluronic acid complex and vitamin B5, as well as sapponary extract, aloe vera, licorice and peony.

Price: 2 649 → 1,589 dollars.

Promotional and promotions

1. Biglion – Discounts up to 96% on online courses on creative professions, business, foreign languages ​​and many other disciplines.

2. "Yandex. Market shopping » – Discounts up to 27% on printers, laptops and other HP technique.

3. Asos – 15% discount for first order in promotion AsosNewyes until October 25.

4. The Body Shop – 20% discount on day cream and eye cream.

5. "Bounce" – 20% discount on popular category until November 7 in honor of the jubilee store.

6. NYX – 10% discount on all products in promotion 7days until October 31.

note! All prices are valid at the time of publication of the selection. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

Aliexpress and not only the most interesting finds of the day 65

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