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Huawei Y7 (-14%)

Smartphone with a 6.26-inch screen, eight-core processor SNAPDRAGON 450, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB storage. The front camera uses an 8 MP sensor, the main – modules on 13 and 2 megapions. The power supply of the device provides a battery with a capacity of 4,000 mA · h.

Price: 10 707 → 9 133 ruble.

Projector SmartLdea S1080 (-13%)

Full-HD projector capable of handling 4K video. The device can output a diagonal from 53 to 200 inches, and also supports the correction of trapezoidal distortion.

There are HDMI, VGA and USB interfaces for connecting to a media executing or computer. To play audio in the projector – Built-in speakers, but also there is an AV interface for an external audio system.

Included with the projector Seller offers booking a TV console H96 Max on Android 9.0, which has wider capabilities in the processing of media files and connect external devices compared to the projector itself.

Price: 16 750 → 14 733 ruble.

Castle from PineWorld (-13%)

Biometric lock for the entrance door. You can open the fingerprint, using RFID label, via mobile application, digital code or mechanical key. Suitable for doors thick from 35 to 100 mm.

Price: 10 430 → 9 092 ruble.


Robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE V55 (-14%)

The robot vacuum cleaner supports dry and wet cleaning. It has two suction modes: for small dust and for larger objects. Works from one recharge about 90 minutes. The volume of the garbage container is 300 ml, water tank – 300 ml.

Price: 10 324 → 8 901 Ruble with Promotional HitPlus800.

EDIFIER W830BT headphones (-13%)

Wireless headphones with built-in microphone can be used both in a pair with smartphone and with a computer. If necessary, connect to the sound source using the wire. Battery duration – up to 95 hours. Support NFC.

Price: 3 893 → 3 379 dollars with promotion HitPlus300.


All for quarantine houses (-97%)

Use discount proposals for workshops on creative professions, programs for entertaining and developing children, foreign language courses and other disciplines. Also with discounts available courses on makeup, hair care and extension, fitness programs and other useful online training.

Price: 750 → 75 dollars.

Dry cleaning and anti-virus car processing (-90%)

RDS Detailing Studio’s Childling Center offers discount services for cleaning and polishing a car. For example, you can choose antibacterial and antiviral processing or abrasive body polishing with scratch removal and protective coating.

Price: 5 000 → 500 dollars.

"El Dorado"

MSI OPTIX MAG241CP monitor (-22%)

Curved Monitor with Diagonal Display 24 Inch Supports Resolution 1 080p. The screen works at a response speed of 1 ms and the update frequency to 144 Hz, so it will be suitable for dynamic games. You can connect it to the computer using HMDI ports 1.4 or DisplayPort 1.2.

Price: 21 990 → 16 990 dollars.

Multicooker Tefal Effectual RK745832 (-35%)

Multicooker supports 37 operation programs and automatic control of cooking parameters. The device will help cook porridge, soups, baking, yogurt, jam and many other dishes. For the ingredients there is a 5-liter bowl with a non-stick coating.

Price: 11 490 → 7,490 dollars.

Publishing House "Myth"

Atlas Obscura, Joshua Foore, Dylan Torus and Ella Morton (-50%)

The most unusual plates of the planet.

Beautiful book with photos, descriptions and coordinates of the 600 most unusual places on our planet. It will be a good gift for anyone who loves to travel and discover new territories.

Perhaps, after studying Atlas Obscura, you decide to go to the fireflies cave in New Zealand, look at the deepest well in the world in the Murmansk region or visit the festival of jumping through babies in the Spanish town of Castillo de Murcia.

Price: 1 820 → 910 dollars.

"Gori, but not burn," Brad Stabrog, Steve Magnes (-50%)

How to go Wa-Bank to succeed and enjoy life without balance.

The authors of the book carefully studied materials on biology, psychology, anthropology and philosophy, interviewed researchers from different areas of activity from around the world to understand where the passion arises, which leads to the victories of athletes, to new discoveries of scientists and the success of entrepreneurs.

Aliexpress and not only the most interesting finds of the day 277

In addition, the authors tried to answer the question why this passion for his beloved cause can fade, and is it always a feeling positive.

With the right approach, the passion becomes constant and provides wonderful experience in work and in personal life. Learn how to manage passion and how to develop that side of her side, which awakens fire in the soul, and does not destroy your life.

Price: 950 → 475 dollars.

"Hug me stronger", Sue Johnson (-50%)

7 dialogs for love for life.

Book for couples who seek to keep family, love and proximity to each other. In her, Sue Johnson tells how to apply emotional-focused therapy (EFT) to improve relations.

"Rightly" I am tempted to three chapters, in which the author explains why people lose love, how to deal with it and what benefit is this feeling brings not only every person individually, but also a civilized society as a whole.

Price: 895 → 448 dollars.


Sweatshot Nike (-30%)

Cotton Sweatshirt Free Croes with Elastic Cuffs in a Rubber and Print In Style Color Block.

Price: 4 599 → 3 219 dollars.

Hoodie FILA (-30%)

Sweatshirt made of cotton and polyester with adjustable hoods come in handy for cool weather.

Price: 2 999 → 2 099 dollars.

Promotional and discounts

1. Biglion – Discounts up to 97% on online programming courses, foreign languages, design, painting and many other destinations.

2. Bonprix – Until April 22, there is a 15% discount on the site and free shipping, as well as an additional 10% discount during prepayment. Use promotion 98280.

3. Adidas – 25% discount on shoes and outerwear.

4. Yves Rocher – 15% discount on all orders from $ 2,000 in promotion Edu Technophobia promo. You can also get a 30% discount for order from $ 3,000 in promotion RUNET.

5. O’Stin – 50% discount and 20% on all goods in the basket when ordering from $ 2,500. Free shipping is also available when ordering from 1,000 dollars.

note! All prices are valid at the time of publication of the selection. Stores can update the cost of goods during the day.

Aliexpress and not only the most interesting finds of the day 277

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