Aliexpress and not only: the most interesting finds of the day

Smartphone with a 6.2-inch display, Snapdragon 675 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB ROM. For shooting there is a basic camera with sensors for 48 and 5 megapixel and front with a sensor by 20 megapixel. The capacity of the battery is 4,000 ma · h, it supports fast charging technology QC 3.0.

Price: 12 403 → 9 621 ruble by promotion SpringNew400.

Leagoo M13 (-18%)

Machine with a sixdue screen, MediaTek Helio A22 processor, 4 GB operational and 32 GB flash memory. Equipped with the main chamber with sensors for 8 and 5 megapixel and frontal 5 MP. Battery capacity – 3,000 mA · h. Works on Android 9.0.

Price: 5 957 → 4 976 dollars.

WorkPro W121011A (-26%)

Compact rechargeable removal with LED backlit workspace and flashlight built into the handle. Equipped with a quick-swampling cartridge with a bit of a bit, rotational speed is 200 rpm. Maximum torque device – 3 nm.

Price: 1 858 → 1 355 dollars.


Zigmund & SHTAIN BH-339 M (-20%)

Submersible type blender with a capacity of 900 W. Can grind, slice, rub, beat and mix ingredients.

Included there is a grinding bowl with a volume of 1,750 ml, nozzle for cutting products with smooth cubes, bleeding bowl by 600 ml, blender nozzle, wint’s nozzle, shredding nozzle, knocker knife and nozzle.

The device supports six speeds and turbo for different culinary tasks.

Price: 4 340 → 3,410 dollars.

BT BTK-100 (-15%)

Set of 100 home repairs in a robust case. It includes a hammer, a tape measure, a hacksaw for metal, pliers, bits, keys, screwdrivers and other useful fittings. The basis of all tools is made of chrome steel.

Price: 2 811 → 2 527 dollars.

"El Dorado"

ASUS F540UB-DM1514T (-13%)

Laptop on Windows 10 with a 15.6-inch display, I3-7020U processor, 6 GB DDR4 RAM and HDD per 1 TB. The graphics processes the discrete GEFORCE MX110 video card (2 GB).

There is a USB port 3.0, two USB 2.0, HDMI, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. This is a medium-level device for Internet surfing, working with texts, watching video and undemanding to filling games.

Price: 39 990 → 31 990 dollars.

Gorenje IT614CSC (-36%)

Induction cooking bar with sensory control and the light indication of residual heat, which helps to visually determine the degree of cooling of the burner.

Gorenje IT614CSC is equipped with a timer with a beep and automatic heating disconnection. The device has a different diameter burner, which allows you to use any containers. Each disc can work in energy saving mode.

Price: 26 990 → 18 990 dollars.

Marshall Major III (-18%)

Headphones with a microphone are suitable for listening to music and phone calls. The device allows you to adjust the sound level, switch songs and accept calls using the buttons. Soft pads on the headband and ambuchos reduce the level of fatigue during long-term use.

Headphones – active noise reduction system. To connect to the sound source there is a removable cable with a length of 1.2 m with a mini jack connector. The model has a foldable design, so Major III can be worn in a bag.

Price: 7 590 → 5 990 dollars.


Cosmetic set from Lancome (-40%)

The composition of the gift set includes perfume water La Vie Est Belle L’Eclat, Mascara Hypnose 01 Noir and lip varnish L’Absolu Lacquer 378 Be Unique.

Price: 5 231 → 3 138 dollars.

Highlight from YSL (-40%)

Highlight with a light texture and two saturated shades without unnecessary layers. With it easy to add beautiful radiance to makeup.

Price: 3 744 → 2 246 dollars.


"Lyrics", Nikolai Gumilyov (-40%)

One of the brightest lyrics of the Silver Century.

The works of Nikolai Stepanovich over time became more mature, wise, notes of confession appeared in them. The creativity of the poet has changed the form under the influence of bright and hard events in his life: traveling to Africa, military service, hunger in post-revolutionary Petrograd and personal dram.

This book includes poems and poems of Gumilyov from collections of 1905-1921, supplemented with illustrations of Boris Zabyokhin.

Price: 877 → 526 dollars.

"Tokyo Zodiac", SIMADA (-20%)

Aliexpress and not only the most interesting finds of the day 262

Helicate and exciting exotic.

The book of Simada – in the unusual genre of a Japanese detective with a logical mystery inside. In Tokyo, for decades, the serial killer, who finds the victims, guided by the signs of the zodiac.

The great detective, astrologer and the predictor of Kiyashi Mitarai with his friend-illustrator should per week to solve the mystery committed in 1936, from which a series of victims began. All necessary keys are open to readers. Can you solve this task before the main characters?

Price: 490 → 392 ruble.

"Strunt Dreamer", Lanie Taylor (-22%)

Strange The Dreamer.

Atmospheric fabulous story about Lazzlo Strendge – a young librarian who dreams stories about an unprecedented city.

The gods closed the lost city from the rest of the world, kidding heaven. And Lazzlo will be able to help in the struggle for freedom of its inhabitants. Answers to many questions he will be able to find out only in a dream where the mysterious goddess will meet.

Good book for those who believe in the dream of dreams.

Price: 421 → 328 dollars.

Backpack from CONSIGNED (-52%)

Hack color backpack with folded riding on a double clasp compacted by straps and outdoor pockets on the back of the back.

Price: 4 790 → 2 290 dollars.

Boohooman jacket (-71%)

Easy Dress Jacket in Color Style Block with Lined, Three Pockets and Zipper Claw.

Price: 5 190 → 1 490 dollars.

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Aliexpress and not only the most interesting finds of the day 262

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