For which the passport is useful inside the country

In the law, which regulates entry and departure from Russia, the passport includes the Federal Law of 15.08.1996 N 114-FZ "On the procedure for departure from the our Federation and entry into the our Federation" to documents, "certifying the identity of a citizen of the our Federation outside the territory of the our Federation". That is, inside the country there is no such function.

And in said law, the phrase "foreign passport" is not found, so there may be doubts. They are ready to dispel in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In explanation, you can make a passport in Russia as a person certifying a person? The agencies are said: "The passport cannot be a document certifying the person in the our Federation. In such a role, it acts only outside the our Federation and when crossing the border. ".

This means that the passport will be useless if you, for example:

  • Complete to work;
  • Participate in transactions, including selling or buying real estate and register it;
  • Get subsidies and other payments from the budget;
  • For which the passport is useful inside the country
  • Contact the bank to get a loan or open account.

In the latter case everything is not easy. Central Bank included position of October 15, 2015. N 499-p passport to the list of documents confirming the identity of the client. However, in practice it applies only to the situation when the our lives abroad and addresses the local branch of the our bank. In Russia, in banks they want no discovery by passport to see the internal passport.

However, despite the fact that the passport can not be a full-fledged substitute for domestic our, it is suitable not only to leave the country. Available a few more options.

What can be done in Russia by passport

Buy train ticket

The passport enters on the basis of what documents is the registration of travel documents for long-distance trains? Documents for which train tickets for our Railways sell. This may be useful in case you have lost the domestic passport on the journey, and you still have to make transplants within the country.

Alkue flight

Many airlines, like our Railways, make it possible to issue travel documents on passport, including intraartherial flights.

For which the passport is useful inside the country

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