Former Apple employee: "Jobs was just a goat!"

Steve Jobs was well known as a person with whom it was not always easy to work. It was demanding and sometimes illogical. But despite this, people who worked with him always admired them and loved him. And complex character traits were even part of his charm.

But here were their exceptions. For example, Eryna Cardboard, the former Apple employee who worked at one time over the MobileMe service. She recently wrote a post in his blog, which criticized the style of leadership Steve Jobs. Let’s see how the boss, according to Cardon, was the former CEO Apple.

Between Erina and Jobs were not the most pleasant relationship. Once when the cardboard just started working in Apple, she ran into Jobs in the cafeteria, when he went without a queue to buy sushi himself. Erina was outraged by a similar act. But that was only the beginning.

The biggest insult cardboard is connected with the period when she worked on the MobileMe service. "We were sent to work on a well-hopeless product," she remembers bitterness. Indeed, MobileMe came out of the ideal service, and in 2011 it replaced ICLOUD.

After the release of MobileMe to the light, Jobs read the critical note Adam Lashinsky about the new Apple service. He was furious. "You have stained the reputation of Apple and should hate each other for it!"Jobs shouted for employees. Steve everyone gave to understand: work well or will be fired.

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This story clearly demonstrates how the demanding and tough Jobs was when it matches work. He was ready to tear and throw and in the failure of MobileMe accused the team of developers.

Former Apple employee

But Erina Cardon has its own opinion on this. She writes: "It was his [Jobs] wines that MobileMe did not get a good product, not our. We told our bosses that the launch time must be shifted. But they did not listen to us, "says cardboard. "After the launch of MobileMe, we fixed mistakes all night, and then a working meeting with the participation of Jobs".

"He stood in front of us and shouted at us, saying that we should be angry with each other for the failure of MobileMe and accused us that we did not execute the instructions of the authorities. It was the best demotivational speech in the world, "said Erin in his post.

In her opinion, the failure launch MobileMe was associated with the fact that the leadership did not listen to the team that warned about a possible failure. "The best thing you can do for your product is to provide the opportunity to tell the whole truth to the leadership, which should listen to your subordinates," concludes cardboard.

What to say, Jobs was a complex person and not the safest leader. But due to its hardness, Apple managed to create excellent products in the most compressed dates. This is one of the secrets of Apple’s success. What do you think you? Was justified by Steve stiffness in relation to subordinate? What should be the head of such a company? We are waiting for your answers in the comments.

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