Is it possible to interfere with alcohol with gas

In an interview with TASS, the main narcologist of the our Federation Evgeny Bryn recommended not to combine alcoholic beverages with carbonated.

We are categorically opposed to mixing alcohol with sweet, alcohol with gas production, and even more so if it’s a sweet soda, then it is generally a deadly number. Better not to do this and do not try.

We understand this statement and respond to the most common issues.

Is the soda really makes you drunk faster

There is an assumption that the soda increases Alcohol in the Body absorption of alcohol, so you have faster the level of ethanol in the blood and exhaled air. However, research on this topic is really little, and their data is contradictory Alcohol Concentration and Carbonation of Drinks: The Effect ON Blood Alcohol Levels, The Effects of Carbon Dioxide in Champagne on Psychometric Performance and Blood-Alcohol Concentration .

This is what Anna Yurkevich, doctor and author of Instagram-Blog writes on this score.

On the one hand, an increase in the volume of gastric content really stimulates its abbreviation, accelerated absorption of alcohol and its progress in the small intestine. But, if there is enough food and gas in the stomach, it is, on the contrary, may interfere with normal digestion. The contents of the stomach will slowly move into the small intestine, and intoxication will come later.

However, this does not mean that such combinations are useful.

How sweet soda affects the figure

Sweet soda increases the already high calorie content of alcoholic beverages. For example, diluting the whiskey cola in the ratio of 1: 3, you will drink 239 kilocalories. And this is only one glass of beverage, which is rarely limited.

However, the main danger of soda is not even in the amount of calories, but in which types of sugar are contained in it. So, in popular carbonated drinks more than half of the Sahars presented by Fructure Content in Popular Beverages Made With and Without High-Fructure Corn Syrup Fructose. The features of the metabolism of this substance are forced by Sugar, uric acid and the etiology of diabetes and obesity organism to accumulate fat even without increased calorie intake. Therefore, a large amount of fructose in a diet increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, obesity and diabetes of the second type.

How alcohol and soda affect the liver

Is it possible to interfere with alcohol with gas

In addition to the harm for the Fructose Figure made of sweet soda, it is also dangerous for the liver, already suffering from holidays.

Combining alcohol with sweet drinks, we are larger than potential liver harm. Since there are many fructose in the sweet soda, its excess is postponed into fat, including internal (visceral) fat in the liver.

That in the end

Given the research data, you can draw the following conclusions:

  • A mixture of alcohol with a non-salary gas, possibly increases the absorption of alcohol, but does not have an additional negative effect on the body.
  • Sugar from soda somewhat slows into intoxication compared to unsweequate carbonated drinks. However, due to the high content of fructose, such water is dangerous for the shape and liver.

Therefore, it is worth abandoning the sweet soda during the feast, when the liver and so it is necessary.

Is it possible to interfere with alcohol with gas

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