Radio Alarm Clock – Beautiful Rapid for iPhone

The standard IOS-application "Clock" allows you to find out the time at different points of the globe, run a timer or stopwatch, as well as start an alarm clock. At the disposal of more than 20 different melodies, from a calm harp to alarm signal.

To get up to the alarm call I was always not easy. As soon as the signal is heard, the first thought is to turn off. By searching, samples and mistakes found out that it is easier for me to wake up for the radio, or rather – under the conversational show.

One of the best radio communications for iOS – Radio Alarm Clock. The development of the Korean-Japanese company Ensight Media is interesting and user interface, and design, and the number of supported stations.

Radio Alarm Clock allows you to listen to up to 50 thousand radio stations. There are among them and domestic, and they are carefully sorted by broadcasting cities (you can, of course, use and search to quickly "connect" a favorite station).

Very often for broadcasting began to distribute geographical restrictions. I came across desktop applications with the fact that in Russia, for example, you can’t listen to one of the BBC stations (Radio One). In this regard, Radio Alarm Clock pleases. For several months of work, I have not experienced such problems.

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Radio Alarm Clock - Beautiful Rapid for iPhone

Good words, in my opinion, deserves the program interface. It is made in the trendy style Skaberphism (SKEUMORPHISM). The main window of the program resembles an old good radio receiver. At the same time, the developers did not allow Apple errors, which in the "podcasts" placed elements that are not carrying any utilitarian functionality. In Radio Alarm Clock All items – Tamblers, Scale, Buttons – Practical: Some allow you to enable / disable radio, alarm clock, sleep timer, others – change volume or brightness.

So the search for a new radio station is arranged

Radio Alarm Clock supports Apple AirPlay Technology. So you can configure broadcast with iPhone / iPod Touch on external columns or TV.

Radio Alarm Clock is a beautiful, functionally rich application. Ask on the App Store:

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