Radio-controlled cars faster than real cars

Recently, expensive and powerful cars on radio control are becoming increasingly popular in Russia. And the speech here is not about ordinary children’s toys, but about quite serious adult models, for which, though you do not care, as a real car, however, it is still necessary to tinker with a change and improvement of some elements.

One of the leaders of the development and production industry of radio-controlled racing cars has been considered for many years TRAXXAS.

It would seem that everything is very good – buy yourself and chasing! Only here there is one small problem – the price of spare parts in Russia has already reached the imputed heights, but the models themselves still stand crazy money.

However, by tradition, we will give users of Edu Technophobia one simple and effective advice – how to save on the purchase of TRAXXAS models to 5 thousand dollars, taking into account all shipping and insurance costs.

Traxxas is an American company, and therefore it is in the USA that their products costs the cheaper. Also, it is in the States that the widest range of racing cars is presented. In this article we will talk about two popular models that will be interested in the our buyer or simply will break the interest to get acquainted with such "toys".

The first model is the traxxas stampede SUV

Stampede VXL is a fairly interesting car, because for a relatively low price, it can boast of excellent performance and survivability indicators.


TRAXXAS STAMPEDE VXL works on the electric motor and "out of the box" develops speed up to 65 km / h. If you buy a number of additional details, change the battery and spend some time, the car can be brought to the maximum speed of 100 km / h – which is in itself incredible!

However, the power is not the only advantage of Traxxas Stampede VXL. The design of the model itself suggests universal permeability – an independent suspension with long-loaded oil shock absorbers, as well as high ground clearance (so-called clearance) allow the SUV to overcome serious obstacles: to cope with the steps, snowdrifts and perfectly jump on the tramplines.

Prices in Russia on Traxxas Stampede VXL start from 20 thousand dollars, sometimes some sellers make a small discount and lower the bar to 18 thousand.

And considering the weight in 9.4 pounds, for the most expensive courier shipment to the door, as well as insurance and all additional packaging costs will have to pay no more than $ 112.

Radio-controlled cars faster than real cars

Thus, net savings will be about 3500r.

Another interesting model – Traxxas X0-1

In essence, Traxxas X0-1 – the model is unique. The fact is that the X0-1 is the only radio-controlled machine today, which can develop speed up to 160 km / h in just 5 seconds. Such space indicators suggest that the pilot is otherwise the owner of this racing means and you will not call – must have some skills to manage such a class of "toys". However, as practice and numerous reviews on the Internet shows, the newcomers are also quite suitable for such a car, the main thing is to be neat, because at high speeds traxxas x0-1 can be very dangerous for a person.

Dimensions Traxxas X0-1:

You can buy traxxas x0-1 all on the same Amazon within $ 650 while sales began almost from $ 2000. To Russia, such low prices for this model have not yet reached. On average, we have this model costs about 40 thousand dollars. Ingoda varying in the range of 10000r.

The weight of the traxxas x0-1 set ready for shipment is slightly higher than that of the previous model, and is approximately 15.5 pounds. Given all expenses for shipping to the door of the courier delivery service, insurance, packaging materials, sending Traxxas X0-1 will cost the client of the parberls at $ 147.

Thus, even at the best price in Russia, order this model from the United States will be cheaper by $ 5,000.

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