Radio Player Live – Comfortable Online Radio in Google Chrome

I do not know how you feel about working and simultaneous listening to music, but I personally can not resolutely give birth and lines without a good melody. It seems to be contrary to all smart items about the right organization of labor and concentration, but it is so. If you also like to listen to music, then be sure to get acquainted with the Chrome browser extension Radio Player Live, allowing it to do this most convenient way.

Radio Player Live – This is a special extension intended for listening to online radio stations. With it, you get a convenient radio, built-in right in the Google Chrome Toolbar.

After installing the extension, you will see a new icon in the toolbar, clicking the appearance of a pop-up window with a player. While another list of your radio stations is completely empty, but you can easily fill it in the expansion settings.

On the Settings page we go to the section Add Radio Stations And we see there several sources for adding stations. Manually – This is manual adding flow address, Stations of Gallery – selection of stations from more than 300 titles that are included with the extension. In addition, you can add any station from such popular directories as, Goom Radio, DigitallyImported and so on. To do this, you must open the page of the appropriate service and click Next to the name of the descript icon.

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Radio Player Live - Comfortable Online Radio in Google Chrome

All added stations appear on your Favorite Favorite list in the Radio Player Live player. In order for you do not get confused with a large number of diverse radio stations, all of them are organized by genres in the form of drop-down lists. Any station can be deleted, edit the name, change the genre or icon.

The appearance of the Radio Player Live player is configured in a wide range, so if you use any topic of visual design of the browser, you can color the player in the appropriate colors.

Listening to online radio stations, of course, has long been not the news and many of our readers have been doing this long ago. However, if your favorite streams are scattered along different sites, if you just do not know what to listen now, it is better to use Radio Player Live And listen to the radio with pleasure.

Radio Player Live - Comfortable Online Radio in Google Chrome

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