Review: "Improving ideas", Scott proteins

You have a lot of good ideas, but you can’t bring them to implementation? This book is just a treasure for you. I was incredibly passionate about the book and even bought a second in English to check if I missed something, reading the translation. But we can say, I spent the money wasted: the transfer of the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber" on the highest level.

All of us in the head constantly arises many ideas. Some of them are crazy, part unreal, but there are "raisins". The author of the book tells why we do not realize our "raisins" and how they can be implemented. I immediately note that it is not only human laziness.

The book "The embodiment of ideas" is built around one equation:

Ability to generate ideas = correct organization + public strength + leadership abilities.

Let’s focus on each of the terms and understand how to increase the result of the whole.

The organization orders Creative process. The most important element of the organization is the structure. Without structure, our ideas are not able to "catch up" for each other and form something whole. Only with a good organization you can make a vector of motion and not deviate from it. The author in the reserve there is another formula:

Creative Potential × Organization = Efficiency Indi.

The better you think the organization of all steps when the final result is achieved, the easier it is to achieve. For the implementation of most ideas goes far from a few days and it is important to understand what you need to do at each of the traffic stages.

Scott Belsky proposes to consider all our classes as projects and continue to split them into 3 components:

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Work stages – Concrete actions that slowly move you forward.

Additional materials – any project associated advertising prospectuses, notes, meetings protocols to which you can contact.


Secondary tasks – considerations that at the moment do not have a practical value, but they can find it later.

You can highlight other components for yourself, but it is important to organize our activities well. Personally, I share the work stages for myself on smaller components. All working steps need to be fixed, so you will not forget anything.

The ability to organize your work properly – only the first of the three components of the process of creating and implementing ideas. Another, no less important, – People around, which always play a prominent role in promoting ideas. Single is hard to succeed.

Relatives, close, friends, colleagues and even random acquaintances – they all affect you and, therefore, on your ideas. They not only can help with a delural advice, but also take part in the implementation of the idea. Having good connections to achieve their much easier and faster.

Well, the third component of the process of creating and implementing ideas – leadership skills. In all areas, the leaders are actively disastrously lacking. Projects come out from under control, teams fall apart, companies are closed. And all because the process is poorly controlled, people are poorly motivated, and there is no mutual understanding. Often it happens because, managing other people, we are afraid to trust them with their ideas and lose control over them.

It’s not like that at all. The idea itself is in itself – nothing. The process of implementing the idea of ​​life is very painstaking and hard. Other people are full of their ideas that they cannot implement, and you are afraid that they steal your.

In the book, the motivation process is described in many ways, but I will give only a couple of examples:

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