Review: "Get out of the comfort zone", Brian Tracy

You will never realize everything planned, you will never regularly study new publications, you will never only be able to shift the growing piles of books, but even it is easy to rest – for all this you need the time you have lacking forever.

In his book, Brian Tracy tells how to change the approach to work and learn how to react to the endless stream of everyday duties. Total Author leads 21 Personal Efficiency Method. Perhaps a lot in the book will not be a discovery for you – it all depends on your experience and knowledge. However, the material is set out that you will definitely go to a new level of their awareness.

In the book there is one simple truth: the ability to fully focus on the most important task and well perform it from beginning to end – the key is not only a great success and even great achievements, but also respect, high position and happiness. This truth is traced in all chapters of books.

Each of the 21 methods of improving efficiency are quite self-sufficient, tested, applicable in practice and gives rapid results. Many tips apply not only in business, but also in personal life.

Plan every day in advance

Formula "Six P": "Proper pre-planning prevents the drop in performance"

One of the main goals at work is the maximum return from nested mental, physical and psychological efforts. Remember, every minute spent on planning saves 10 minutes of your work. I have long armed with the rule to paint all the tasks for a few days ahead and to adjust them every day. This approach allows you to constantly "keep your hand on the pulse," focus on the main thing and not forget about small tasks.

Always follow the rules "80 to 20"

I am sure you heard about the Pareto principle and know that 20% of cases bring 80% of the results. And it really works. But the challenges that are included in these 20% are the most complex, require high concentration and attention. People tend to post these tasks each time and load themselves with passing tasks, the execution of which does not give a little from the point of view of the general result. It is important to decide with its 20% and stop it to postpone. Plan the execution of these tasks in the first place.

For me, it was the discovery of the initial wording of the law Pareto in 1895. I think you will also be interested.

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Pareto noticed that the society was naturally divided into two groups, the first of which – the elite consists of twenty percent of the richest and influential people, and the second – Mass – the remaining eighty percent.

Always think about the results

Regularly review your list of cases and tasks. Ask yourself the question "From what task, after performing it perfectly and on time, I will get the most significant for work and life results?". This will help you to allocate the most important things and not pay attention to the secondary.

Creative approach to delay

Need to accept the fact that you can not do everything you need. Something will have to postpone the future, namely, small things. Another method to focus on priorities – learn to say "no". No – one of the most powerful words in running time. Answer "No" to any requests to spend time on something not very significant, let it sound quite friendly, but decisively, so that you are not persuaded against the desire.

Book "Get out of the comfort zone" – Ready allowance for prompting personal effectiveness. She is suitable for everyone who decided to get more from life.


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