Review: "How to defeat fear" – allowance to combat what you are afraid of most

I’m afraid of much. I’m afraid with my health something will happen. Or that for some reason financial problems will arise. I’m afraid something happens to loved ones. These are fears that are remembered in one second and inherent, perhaps, everyone.

Subconsciously Millionaire is also afraid to become a poor, and a person with excellent health is to get sick or get injured. Fear is what drives all of our undertakings, and its benefit, as, of course, and harm cannot be underestimated. The book "How to defeat fear" Olga Solomatina talks about 12 demons of fear and ways to combat them.

Power of fear

Try to remember how many phobias you know? Fear of insects, darkness, closed space, heights, people, handshake – the feeling is not enough that a person is afraid of everything. Fears are a lot, but these are special cases of what we can fear. In the book, fears are divided into 12 groups: poverty, success and defeat, "I can not afford", "not enough time", the rejection of society, other people’s wishes, "everything or nothing", change, loneliness, disappointment of loved ones, fear of saying the truth, Fear of the future.

A whole chapter is devoted to each fear, and in each chapter by about 30 pages. Of course, judge the effectiveness of the book by the number of pages is silly. But there is an understanding that each fear is paid to individual attention. For example, I was interested to know about fears of poverty, lack of time and loneliness. On the other, I also passed casual, but they were interested in me much less.

At the end of each chapter there are practical exercises. After the first chapter, Olga proposes to record 13 of his fears and depict them next graphically. The task seems complicated only at first glance. Fear be worse than others I portrayed in the form of a pedestal with me in third place. Fear of poverty – old carpet on the wall. For some reason, this association occurs in my head.

Exercises at the end of the chapter

Where does success come from

To achieve success, according to Olga, the tenth fear is prevented – "Everything or nothing". As an example, it leads famous people: Barack Obama, who worked in a stall with ice cream, a former supermarket employee Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbander in the role of Barmen, and not Steve Jobs in the soon leaving the film. These people were not afraid to be imperfect. Where others tried to achieve instant success, they understood that they would first have to be visited, which for many it may seem shame.

The gradual way to success is a reality. By the way, to improve and go ahead in small steps – this is a skill that can be learn. As an example, the author leads Winston Churchill, who entered the Royal Military School with the Third Attempted, and the elections in the House of Communities lost several times.

On speech at Harrow School, where Churchill was invited to tell about the secret of success, he was a few. Going to the podium, he said:

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Never give up – never, never, never. Nor in large, nor in small, nor in large, nor in the small, never give up if it does not contradict the honor and common sense. Never give in force, never give in obviously superior to your opponent’s relics.

After three tested sentences, Churchill sat down in a chair and looked at the audience, which stared at him in anticipation. It did not follow it.

Summarizing the chapter on the fight against the "All or Nothing" fear, several tips can be allocated:

  1. Success comes gradually. Oncestrange Stories of Instant Success are either extreme rarity or fiction.
  2. Many people on the way to success are not bent dirty work. This is fine.
  3. Never (repeat five times) Do not give up.
  4. Leave yourself the right to mistakes.


Book Olga Solomatina covers a too big and complex aspect of our life. After all, its goal is not only to tell about fear, but also to teach with him to fight. Despite this, 200 pages of the book "How to overcome Fear" can change your life. Especially if you are able to confess yourself in what you are really afraid.

At the end of each chapter, the main thoughts are allocated and practical exercises that help analyze the state and understand themselves. You can write right in the book. But then you will probably do not want to give to read it to someone else. Too much in it is written to what you don’t want to share. Probably, this is another fear with whom I have to compete.

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