Review of the book "Communication decide everything", Darcy Cutter

This book is ideal for those who want to increase their own social capital. Social capital is the links between people and those pleasant moments in our lives that happen due to these relations.

Now building and maintaining connections with people is customary Networking. Often people are trying to start dating with the sole purpose – the benefits for themselves. The result of such dating will be only an unpleasant impression of yourself as a person. In hencefight, no one wants to conduct business, and in general to communicate. It is called Negative Networking.

The author of the book presents the non-nationaling on the other hand – how can you be useful to the interlocutor (Positive Net Maging). It is disinterested assistance to another – the basis of establishing and strengthening connections.

We will never know how life will turn in a year, two, and even more than ten. We need to appreciate people. Do not hurry to qualify your contacts right now.

The book describes very detailed, it would seem small, but it is thanks to them that they can become an excellent interlocutor and not to get into the awkward situation when communicating. Here are some of them:

  1. Remember that in different cultures rituals handshaking or just greetings may noticeably differ from what we are accustomed.
  2. Review of the book
  3. Always need to have with you Enough business cards. Never go out without them from home dating may occur simply in the elevator or on the street.
  4. Be a careful listener. The interlocutor should understand that you are paying enough attention to him when talking.
  5. Be prepared to help, If you have the right resources.
  6. Meet everywhere! Literally.

In the book, many pages are dedicated to the role of business cards – how they should look, what information should be attended where to store them and how to prevent them with the interlocutor. Also with the help of the original business card you can stand out and, perhaps, it is thanks to her to remember you.

Having gathered everything in a bunch, we get a great book on how to make connections. All tips in the book are very well described, for each of them there are examples.

The most important deposit to increase social capital – Networking should like and bring joy!

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Review of the book

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