RoomBots: Future Furniture Transformer

Does it mean spontaneously moving furniture, that it is time to tie with blue? And how to make a cabinet from bed in the blink of an eye without extinction of the old man’s beard Hottabach? Do not think, I’m not released on the summer holidays from the institution with yellow walls. Everything is fine with me, I just greatly impressed me the idea of ​​Swiss engineers working on a project independently gathering and moving furniture.

Researchers of the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne implement the idea of ​​modular reconfigurable furniture. "Bricks" of such furniture are robotic cubes, connecting between themselves by mounting-hooks. Management of assembly and movement of modules is carried out from the tablet using special software. With the general principle of the prototype of the transformer furniture can be found in the video recorder of engineers.

Trio embedded in the engine module give him 3D-freedom of movement. Coordination between "bones" is made due to the wireless connection. Battery charge only for the hour of operation of the module.

ROOMBOTS capabilities are significantly expanding due to the installation on the walls, the floor and the ceiling of the special grid room with holes adapted to mount the modules to it with their "claws". In principle, the hole surface can be imposed on top of the existing furniture, expanding its capabilities and dimensions.

The engineer team sees a wide range of application of its development: from an object of interactive art to an assistant during rescue and space missions. The main advantage of RoomBots is a packaging compactness with the possibility of fast deployment for the required needs.

Hybrid furniture, first of all, will be useful to people aged and people with disabilities – it will be much easier to move in space or bring the necessary items to themselves. As it seems to me, in the future, the ROOMBOTS manage can be carried out and using voice commands.

In addition to the standard laziness of the average person, the transformer furniture can solve and quite ordinary problems – the lack of space of residential space. Just imagine, the day of RoomBots is going to the table and chairs, and in the evening it is converted to bed. Housewives will stop worrying about their home plants, because the pots themselves will hide in the shadow as the sun moves through the sky.

RoomBots Furniture Transformer Future

And most importantly, usually the nervous process of assembling furniture can turn into an exciting game.

At the moment, researchers have encountered a number of technical difficulties that are planned to overcome for fifteen. First of all, it is necessary to significantly reduce the power consumption of the modules, give them strength and write the code that is responsible for the correct and fast furniture assembly. While RoomBots is able to convert to the simplest forms.

In conclusion, I will tell you one case that happened to my friend, renting an apartment. Once she was lucky to cross with a very "intelligent" company. Guests considered that the height of the table does not respond to their dimensions and half shed four legs. In such a situation, RoomBots would have faltered very. Although no, such "inventors" would not help anything.

Did you like the idea of ​​Swiss researchers? What application roombots see you?

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