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Every week on lifechaker – distribution. Under the distribution, smart commentators and books from the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber".

Once a week, one commentator and one book will find each other, not without the help of a glorious editorial office, which will define a happy couple.

We declare the results of the last week ↓

According to the results of the week, the winner was a meaningful and proven commentary comment on the article

How to work at home: small tricks and tips experienced:

As used, I will give a couple of tips that come to mind:

1. At home you work for yourself, the connection between the money earned and your actions is the most immediate. Tip: Do what it allows you to earn and do not do that for what you do not pay. And so – until you earn the amount you need for the next month. If suddenly it turned out that you earned it before – you can afford a little relax 🙂

2. So as not to fuss on the topic "What I do?"," Did I really do?"Is I working enough?"And so on – the daily reports on their work help me. These are three points – what I did from the past report, what I will do before the next, what problems are and who needs help. Such a report (who did not hear – look for ‘scrum’), I lead the main project (that activity for which I pay and which has a high priority) and send it to the current client. I have in the mail (you can store in some system – it doesn’t matter) for every day what and when I did that I was going to do and what did real – in general, everything. In the morning it is very easy to look there and understand that today I need to do. 🙂

We distribute book prizes for the best comments on Lifehak! 1

3. If the work does not go – do not work. Go take a walk or make some household deeds – purchases, visiting banks, tax, mail, accounts for accounts and the like. If it does not pass – play with the child or invite a spouse in the movie / Theater / dispel … Sometimes you need to take a break. Freelancer is one who has no hospital, weekends and everyday life – there are days when he / and works and no.

4. Look for a job for which they pay well, do not stance on a large amount of cheap activities. It is cold. Save your resource. No one bothers about you. Ideally should always be the opportunity (then you mean time) take a randomly turned up work for 20 hours a week. If this time does not remain – this is an alarming sign.

5. Well, the last advice – work on the conscience so that there is always a clear understanding that you do your job as it should be well, quickly and efficiently. This will add you confidence and tranquility and in general there will be a contribution to our guild – let the world know that freelancers are doing work better than all office nimits 🙂 (Nimites do not be offended. This humor)

His author – Dmitry Pavlov – gets the book Brent Cooper and Patrick Vlassovitsa "Startup around the client". Congratulations!

The winner of this week will receive the book of Peter Bregman with the intriguing name "18 minutes" – on how to increase the concentration, stop distracted and do really important things.

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