We give the house in order to the new season

Summer in our latitudes comes to an end, and I am sure, returning from the cottage and warm edges home, you think about how to bring the dwarf from you home in order. This is dedicated to the collection of today’s Soviets.

Fridge. He spends a lot of energy and collects dust with its radiators. To reduce the bills for electricity and get rid of the feeling of unclean air – move the refrigerator about the wall and spent a well-sized radiator.

Figure efficient. Clear iron can be using an aluminum foil (not suitable for any coating of the sole), after cleaning – place the foil under the fabric that you say and you get ironing on both sides at the same time.

Refresh without worries. In order not to sniff a kind of "fragrance" of the vacuum cleaner, use it for aromatization: Drip onto cotton tampon aromatic oil according to your choice and put it in a garbage bag. Now when working with a vacuum cleaner, your air will be filled with your favorite natural aroma.

Scratches on the wooden floor You can eliminate a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil, you should not buy any "special" means. This mixture is suitable as you guessed, for polishing in general. But we recommend that you try first in a small and invisible area to check the absence of unwanted reactions.

Eliminate Rust with fabric It is possible to the homegrown way: Mix the lemon juice and food soda (bicarbonate) to the consistency of sour cream. Wrap in place, evaporated rust. Find out in normal mode. Check first on a small area – lemon juice can affect the color of the fabric.

We give the house in order to the new season

Spots from coffee and tea. For cleaning such stains, the usual salt suits very well. Mugs can be easily cleaned, just rubbing them with salt, if you are afraid to scratch the dishes – add some water and use a soft cloth. Teapots and coffee potters are unlikely to endure as simple, so pour water into the container for coffee or tea and add a quarter of a cup of salts and boil (or run the coffee maker, it’s not about coffee machines). Water then can be used to eliminate pests in your garden and for wiping windows from the inside in winter to warn their freezing.

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