What can be made from PVC pipes – from furniture to decorations

We have already told how to make a cheap and simple skeleton greenhouse with PVC pipes. But greenhouses and canopies are far from everything that can be made of PVC and aluminum pipes with different diameters. Furniture, Decorative items for home, Organizers, racks, even weapons – Beautiful onions of different forms. Fantasy people are constantly embodied in new forms of PVC, and we made a selection of the most interesting DIY projects for you.

Let’s start with homemade furniture from aluminum and PVC pipes connected by fittings. There are children’s furniture, and options for adults, pretty samples that will fit into any interior, and racks with a lot of shelves.

DIY-furniture from pipes

1. Low table of pipes and wood

But the detailed video instruction, how to make it.

2. Dinner table

This table of three boards and metal pipes can be used as a dining. Note of industrial style in the design of the room. Here you can see the manufacturing technology.

3. Large shelving of pipes and wood

Rack for spacious pantry or garage – an excellent solution for storing all sorts of things. And durable and looks cool. Assembly Guide Read here.

4. Rack for room

TV, audio system, souvenirs and books – everything will fit on this homemade rack. Look here how to make it.

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5. Another stellage

The shape of this rack is somewhat unusual, as if he was planned for specific subjects. With paintings, statuette and other content looks cool. There is a materials list and a story about the manufacture of.

6. Coffee table with glass top

The legs of the table are made of bent and painted PVC pipe. As for tabletops, does not necessarily make it out of the glass, but it certainly looks cooler. Here you will find guidance on manufacturing.

7. The bed of aluminum tubes

Large frame of the bed with a canopy made of aluminum pipes and fittings. for the manufacture of guide here.

eight. More than a simple bed of pipes and wood

This bed looks simpler and make it easier to. You will need pipes, fittings, wooden "ribs" and for the production of guidance.

nine. The canopy over the bed

This simple canopy of PVC pipe will make every. It turns children’s bed with a canopy of tulle.

ten. Easy Towel

Several PVC pipes and fittings, and a heated towel rail is ready.

eleven. Lovely chairs for children

These cute chairs is quite possible to do it yourself. The framework of the PVC pipe and the seat, woven from yarns. How to braid chairs, can be viewed here.

12. Simple chairs for hiking

Small comfortable chairs for patio or hiking on nature. Bright furniture will surely enjoy the children. How to make these chairs, see here.

13. A place to play

For kids, you can arrange a place to play with the frame made of PVC.

fourteen. Bar in the style of a beach holiday

PVC pipe, painted under the bamboo, different attributes such exotic masks and straw roof – this bar will be a great reminder of the exotic tropical countries and beach holidays. Read detailed instructions on making here.

15. Simple and easy to use tablet for drawing

This lightweight tablet for drawing perfect for home occupations. To him it is not necessary to attach the paper – the album is put on a special stand at the bottom edge of the tablet. How to do it, read here.

Organizers and shelves

16. Organizer for the table

Simple organizer of glued and colored PVC tubes cool looks and helps get rid of clutter on the table.

17. Organizer for bathroom

Toothpaste, brushes, calcination – with such an organizer everything will lie in their places, and nothing will have to look.

eighteen. Departments for shoes

With such a budget organizer from PVC pipes, shoes will not lie in the corridor and come across at his feet at the most inopportune moment.

What can be made from PVC pipes - from furniture to decorations

19. Shelf for wine

If you love wine and prefer to stock it in the future, this wine cabinet with PVC pipe shelves will store all your reserves, ordered and in complete safety. Looks great and make it enough just.

twenty. Creative wine shelf

If you need a stand for a maximum for four-five bottles, you can make such a PVC Creative. And just do it and looks great.

21. Notebook Stand

Simple and convenient support for working with laptop.

Decorative interior and gifts

22. Curtain cornice

Cute cornice of painted PVC pipes and decorative elements. Read more about the manufacture here.

23. Chest ornament

PVC pipes sliced ​​with thin rings can serve as decoration for furniture.

24. Creative Frame for Mirror

And again PVC pipes, sliced ​​on thin rings. Cut, make up in the right order, glue together and admire the new framework.

25. Piggy bank

This funny pig is based on PVC pipe cutting, you can give someone or put at home as a souvenir. Here’s how it is done.

26. Personal vase as a gift

Such a vase can be done on any holiday. PVC pipes fixed at the base, photos of pleasant moments or loved people and, of course, flowers.

27. Lamp bone from PVC pipe

This lamp was created with the thought of hollow bird bones. It looks just magnificent, and is made from the ordinary PVC pipe.

28. PVC tube bracelet

Looking at this bracelet, never guess that it is based on PVC pipe. Some fantasy, patterns – stamps of black ink, shoe cream and beautiful button. Here more.

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