What can be prepared in the microwave

That the microwave is harmful to health and destroys food for a long time, fierce discussions are underway. So far, the harm was not scientifically proven, someone will keep track of this miracle of technology, and someone uses, but mainly for the preparation of popcorn or heat heating, and not a complete cooking process. But in fact, the microwave is capable of much more, it’s just not allowed to completely disclose.

She can fry. She can dry. It can be prepared in it perfect sea perch with ginger and a bowl-shall. Give her only 4 minutes and she will surely surprise you. What else is your home microwave?

The author of the book “Modernist Cuisine” (modernist cuisine), Nathan Mikhrovod believes that the microwave ovens are strongly underestimated. And he showed it in the “At Home” section. In fact, it can be prepared rather correct and healthy dishes – a pair dishes do not require the addition of fat, and if you need to cook something roasted, it will take quite a bit of oil.

In order to master the cooking technique in the microwave, you will first have to study all available features and temperature modes in detail.

The first general rule, which you must remember – Little power (500 W) turns your stove into a temporary dryer (drying). When you dry something, water should leave the center to the edges. If you heat the food rather carefully, the water will evaporate from it instead of becoming hot and bring the dish until readiness. That is, you can use the microwave at low power in order to make yourself dried fruits.

At the power of 500 watts to 800 W, in the furnace you can fry or cook dishes for a couple. If you want to simply warm up something quickly, use the highest power, how would you do it for tea or coffee.

How to regulate power?

What can be prepared in the microwave

To begin with, you must define the power range of its microwave. The maximum power of most furnaces is from 800 W to 1 350 W. Carefully examine the icons on your microwave and deliver the calculator.

If you want to cook something for a couple, you need 800 W, and the maximum power of your furnace is 1,000 W. Then you need to install power by 80% or at 8 level (level 9 – 90% and so on). In some furnaces, the power level is indicated as “low”, “medium” or “above average” – for them you need to count your ratio.

For microwaves with a power of 1,100 W mathematics, it is more difficult – 800 W in this case will correspond to about 73% or 7 levels. By the way, the level adjustment does not change the power. Just the furnace will turn on and off the pulses at a fixed power level to the desired result.

There are a lot of books with recipes for a microwave and maybe it’s time to discard fears and give her the opportunity to reveal all your talents? In the end, sometimes it happens that the microwave is our only assistant in the kitchen (for example, on trips). Do not eat constantly in restaurants (considerable), fast food (harmful) or popcorn (very harmful)?

What can be prepared in the microwave
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