What can cook winter smoothie

Summer problems with smoothies do not occur, since the ingredients grow on a tree or under their feet. In winter, we can not always afford a luxury in the form of fresh fruits. A lack of vitamins and sunlight affects our mood, productivity and health in general.

The smoothie is considered useful and nutritious food, which supplies the body necessary for sports elements and does not leave traces in the form of extra centimeters on the waist. So useful cocktails in winter will be quite.


Bananas – one of the most accessible all year round products. To taste, they are quite neutral and combined with many products. Since the smoothie is a cold drink, but I don’t really want to add ice in winter, to create a cool cream consistency, use frozen bananas. Clean them, cut into small pieces and send to the freezer.

Before cooking, smoothies get banana and add to the blender to the rest of the ingredients. For example, a simple yogurt without taste additives with frozen bananas – delicious, useful and nutritious breakfast. Sweet lovers can add some sugar or syrup.

Frozen berries and fruits

You can freeze not only berries, but also fruits. For example, peaches or pears. Or any other favorite fruits you, which is difficult to find in winter. In frozen state they will be remarkably replaced.

If your blender is difficult to cope with solid frozen fruits, you can leave them for a couple of minutes. And when they hide a little, cut into small pieces. Where to add them – in milk or yogurt, – to decide.


Another useful and nutritious option additives in smoothie – nuts or walnut oil. But it is better to choose nuts in pure form – peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts. Smoothies with bananas and nuts can become one of your favorite breakfast breakfast.

This is not a very simple and cheap option of smoothies, but lovers of all new and unusual can be tried. Tofu is a useful product that adds a cocktail smooth texture, and the body – useful proteins.

Mix tofu, soy milk, a little sugar syrup and frozen strawberries and get a delicious and useful cocktail.

What can cook winter smoothie


Just add a little crushed oatmeal into the smoothie and get a nutritious and useful athlete breakfast. Excellent option – yogurt, oatmeal, bananas and honey. Still for nutrition you can add dates. In this case, the honey is better to remove. After such breakfast, you definitely won’t feel hunger.

You can still cook a smoothie with oatmeal and fresh apples. Mix yogurt (or milk with sour cream), oatmeal and banana. In the resulting mixture, add a bit very finely sliced ​​fresh apple. Delicious cocktail ready.

Frozen yogurt and citrus

For the preparation of smoothies, you can use frozen yogurt and citrus.

Freeze vanilla yogurt or yogurt without taste additives. Then frozen yogurt shredt in a blender with oranges or tangerines. It turns out not only useful and tasty, but also very unusual.

As for dairy and fermented milk products, not only yogurt and milk can be used. You can try everything you find on store shelves. The main thing is to make sure the compatibility of the products with which you are going to cook a cocktail.

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