What can i and what can never be cleaned by vinegar

To make your own to wash windows, spread half a tablespoon of vinegar in a liter of water (suitable usual table 6- or 9 percent). Pour part in a bottle with sprayer. Wash the window as usual, and in the end wipe the dry cloth. Wash such a mixture.

2. Dishwasher

Vinegar helps to extort it from accumulated dirt and fat. Pour two glasses of vinegar to a large glass bowl and put on the top grille. Run the usual cycle, but without detergent and without drying. Vinegar mixes with water and clean the car.

3. Towels

If the towels became hard, send them to the washing machine and fill in the compartment for the white vinegar powder compartment – do not add powder itself. Vinegar removes with tissue remnants of detergents and mineral sediments that make it rude.

4. Carpets

To bring spots from the carpet, for example from wine, mix the tablespoon of liquid soap, a tablespoon of white vinegar and two glasses of warm water. Water in the mixture clean sponge and gradually apply on a spot, periodically missing a dry cloth. Continue the procedure until the stain will disappear.

Vinegar can also remove the stain and unpleasant smell from the urine pet. Mix a quarter glass of vinegar with a liter of warm water and wet a stain with a mixture. Leave for a few minutes so that the liquid is absorbed, and then wet dry. If necessary, repeat several times.

5. Vegetables and fruits from the supermarket

Vinegar will help remove bacteria from them and remnants of pesticides that enjoy in stores to extend the shelf life. Mix three parts of water with one piece of vinegar and break into a bottle of sprayer. Treat vegetables and fruits with this mixture, and then rinse in water.

6. Footprints from glue

Vinegar will come to revenue if it does not turn out to rain the remnants of the glue from the label or you accidentally glued something wrong.

It is impossible to clean vinegar

1. Granite and marble countertops

Vinegar may damage the surface of the stone. To clean such countertops, use a soft dishwashing detergent and warm water.

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2. Stone floors

What can i and what can never be cleaned by vinegar

They can also suffer from acid cleaners like vinegar and lemon. Wash such floors with a special soap for stone or soft dishwashing agent.

3. Remains of broken eggs

If you dropped a raw egg on the floor, do not pull at the vinegar to collect the protein. From the acid contained in the acid can curl, and it will be more difficult. It is because of the protein reaction, the vinegar is added when the eggs are boiled.

4. Iron

Vinegar can damage internal details, so do not pour it into a water container in attempts to clean the iron. So that the steam openings are not clogged, pour water from the iron after use and clean the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Parquet of solid wood

Better do not risk and use a special cleaning agent. If you really want to try to clean the vinegar, be sure to dilute it with water (half a cup of vinegar into four liters of water) and first check on the invisible area.

6. Employed Fabric Spots

No matter how hard you try, stains from grass, ink, ice cream or blood will not disperse with one vinegar. They quickly absorb tissue and do not react to acid. They are better to handle the stain removers, and then wash the powder, as part of which are enzymes.

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