What can I buy in the UK?

A wonderful chance to sit down at the computer and choose gifts for the whole family, then not to wear in the shopping. When watching and choosing goods, be attentive – all prices are in pounds sterling.

Stores toys

Disney Store
Even the name is already the magnificent! Here are your favorite characters and bright colors. You can buy a cute pajama, a New Year’s suit, a radio-controlled machine from the cartoon “cars” and even spray for the children’s room with a magical Disney smell.

Barely removed yourself from watching toys! Such a variety that really wants to play all this. Choose: The game rug “Drum Installation”, a real rocking horse, gift sets: such a box in which there are many interesting things. For example, for girls: Flomers, kitchen “Kitchen”, attributes for a small princess (crown, gloves), doll. And maybe give a real magic wand, which Harry Potter enjoyed?

Here are educational and educational toys for children of all ages. Board games, kits “Young engineer”, books, and you can also purchase your own mini-power station.

Children’s clothing and goods for children

Such beautiful “English” clothes: pleasant colors (Girl pink looks surprisingly exquisite), elegant styles.

Clothes for cool kids!:) jeans, jackets, shoes – Diesel clothing can be immediately distinguished from other brands.

Clothes and goods for the smallest. Here you can pick up a stroller, radionunk, baby chair in the car and even a whole children’s corner. Now they have, by the way, big discounts.

Bright, comfortable – real children’s clothing. And prices are pretty democratic. And this is important, considering the fact that clothes are simply “burning”!

Women’s and men’s clothing

Women’s clothing is represented quite poorly, but a very good choice of men’s T-shirts and sweatshirts with merry prints.

Ralph Lauren
Elegant, like a piano – Ralph Lauren! The quality of the fabric and super-tailoring can be seen even in the photo. Ladies and gentlemen, here have something to choose.

Cute clothes at democratic prices. Classic Polo T-shirts, Shirts, Large Choice Women’s Accessories.


UGG Australia
Those very truly warm, natural uggs. There are very courageous winter shoes.

Church’s english shoes
Exceptionally high-quality shoes, besides very beautiful, in English noble.

Bags and accessories

Scarves, caps, gloves, socks … and also have a sale!

Huge selection of handbags, scarves, belts and jewelry very cute.

louis Vuitton
This is it, this is it – Louis Vuitton! Yes, they even incredibly beautiful site! Eh, do what is my gift for the new year?


Apple Store
Since October 14, they begin to sell iPhone 4S. Price from 500 pounds sterling.

You will still have time to get a new camera and capture all the most fun moments!

Paradise for hosts! Here, perhaps, there is everything to make your home clean, cozy, and to prepare the most delicious dishes.

Goods for sports

Born Extreme
All for Snowboard, Skateboard, Kaiting and Kayaking. On the site you can buy sports shells and complete equipment.

Grand Prix Legends
If you are a fan of motor silos, then you here. The site presents a wide selection of leather jackets, gloves and special boots.

Micro Scooters
Scooters for the whole family! Prepare in advance for fun, active summer.

What can I buy in the UK

Dance clothes and shoes

Move Dancewear
Equipment of paints and styles: ballet packs, dresses and skirts for salsa classes, pointes, shoes for Flamenco dancers.

Plus size clothing

Big Mens Large Clothes
In this store, a large man can dress up to the head: pick up a jacket, shirt and pants. Clothes will not be small in the shoulders.

Lady only: exquisite styles, interesting colors and accessories.

And for the ladies: here you can pick up a dress for the New Year’s party. Stamps please.

Winter Clothing, Travel Clothes

Warm kids for winter. In this shop selling warm winter jackets and overalls for the guys of all ages.

For adults and children: Fleece jackets, vests, warm socks and Snowubuts.

Mountain Warehouse
And this site for avid travelers: comfortable, unproduced, waterproof and warm clothes for hiking and walks.

Carnival costumes and festive goods

Princesses, animals, fabulous characters and heroes of Disney cartoons – here Million carnival costumes.

If you arrange a thematic party for a child, then let everything be in a single style: cups, plates, napkins, spoons and even candles for cake. By the way, there are sets for adult parties (80E, pirates, chicago).

Attractive carnival costumes. And here there are special children’s kitchen kits and for working in the garden: funny aprons, spoons, small tools – let the child helps you with pleasure.

Yes, your head will not go around from such an abundance of stores! Enjoy the shopping!

What can I buy in the UK
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